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The Meaning of Development

Dudley Seers suggests that development is when a country experiences a reduction or elimination of poverty, inequality and unemployment. Edgar Owens (1987) suggested that development is when there is development of people (human development) and not development of things.

Dudley Seers

1 January 1969



Institute of Development Studies Bulletin Vol. 1 Nos. 2

1 October 1968

Journal Article

Eastern Africa: Peasants and Plainstrators

IDS Bulletin 1.3

Currently both the practices and the theories of rural development in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia put special emphasis on 'the human factor.' Conceptualisations of this quality vary detail but there are several common characteristics. Usually singled Out for their special causal...

Raymond Apthorpe

1 July 1968

Journal Article


IDS Bulletin 1.3

I was as much puzzled by Mr. Enoch Powell's review of Myrdal's book as by the decision of the Editor of the Bulletin to use it as a basis of a discussion on development aid. What puzzled me about Mr, Enoch Powell's review is that we do not seem to have read the same book. But then I reflected...

Thomas Balogh

1 July 1968

Journal Article

The Development Game: A Simulation Exercise in Economic Development

IDS Bulletin 1.3

The Development Game is a response to a need arising out of one of the main activities of the Institute of Development Studies namely, that of providing study seminars on specific problems in the field of economic development. The seminars are intended to improve the power of senior level civil...

Clive bell

1 July 1968