Working as part of a global network of partners lies at the heart of IDS' mission and way of working.

IDS Annual Report 2014 Partnerships Map

It is only through working in partnership with people and institutions outside of the Institute that we will be able to achieve our objectives to:

  • Develop alternative ideas and fresh analysis on development issues
  • Provide practical and policy solutions that accelerate sustainable poverty reduction and promote social justice
  • Use credible evidence to influence key audiences to act to support our vision.

IDS is involved in a spectrum of different types of relationships that are all essential to what we do and we greatly value the multiplicity of these. We work collaboratively with research institutions and universities, government ministries and agencies, multilateral organisations, NGOs from big international charities to local advocacy groups, philanthropic foundations and commercial companies.

These institutions are located in all parts of the world, both North and South and the nature of the relationships varies with the activities that we undertake. We have long-term partnerships on programmes of research and knowledge sharing, short term one-off contract relationships both as contractor and contractee, fluid network links which change in intensity of activity over time, and everything in between.

Below is the list of all present and past partner and organisations we have worked with: