Enduring, equitable partnerships are fundamental to our research, learning and teaching work. We work with governments, philanthropic foundations, private sector actors, academic and civil society orgnisations to transform approaches to progressive social, political and economic change. These strategic collaborations are key to generating the knowledge, leadership and action required to achieve more equitable and sustainable development globally.
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Transforming knowledge and lives through our partnerships

In 2019-20 we worked with 310 formal knowledge, research and funding partners. Examples of new collaborative projects during that time include:

  • Collaborative work with Haiti-based Fonkoze has helped improve the wellbeing of Haiti’s women and children and contributed to a global move to pay closer attention to the issue of child-sensitive impacts of development programming. Read more here.
  • Our partnership with the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR) and other African universities has strengthened pedagogical approaches across the continent.
  • The IDS-led Knowledge, Evidence and Learning for Development Programme consortium has supported the learning of thousands of UK government staff and global partners to more effectively innovate and respond to rapidly changing and complex development challenges.

Work with us

We are committed to working with existing and new partners to:

  • Expand our international research and mutual learning networks for development
    Our specially established International Initiatives are co-generating research, teaching and policy engagement activities in locations where we are already involved with a critical mass of projects and partners. Currently, these locations include Brazil, China, Europe, Ghana and Pakistan. The hubs are facilitating the sharing of knowledge and experiences, with the aim of meeting both domestic development priorities and influencing development agendas internationally. Each hub is driven by a shared vision and set of contextually relevant activities that are developed and agreed in partnership.
  • Enrich and extend our European engagements
    We are intensifying interactions with our strategic partners, including alumni, in European countries to contribute actively to European development networks. We also seek to influence and shape the UK’s future approaches to international research partnerships, promoting the value of maintaining existing European collaborations that can play an important role in transforming the knowledge needed for development globally.
  • Ensure inclusive and diverse approaches to research and teaching
    We are deepening and strengthening alliances with strategic partners with whom we share core values, emphasising enduring and long-lived relationships, as a key way to engage with broader debates around how knowledge is privileged and prioritised and what this means for Development Studies. In 2019-20 we had 28 Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with universities, social movements and others across the world, including national revenue authorities and national schools of public administration. Our MoUs largely focus on research and learning collaborations, but we have recently developed three pilot teaching agreements that facilitate dual master’s degrees taught across two countries. 

Our partnership values in practice

Our values are core to who we are, what we stand for and how we behave. They apply equally to how IDS members (staff, students, alumni and associates) work together within the Institute and how we work with partners and sub-contractors. We strive to be respectful, inclusive, resourceful and excellent.
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IDS community

Our IDS Community network also play a critical role in our strategy. These include alumni, current and former Visiting Fellows, Honorary Associates, funders, and those who have participated in our professional development and learning programmes.