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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Event

Sussex Development Lectures

Brexit and Developing Countries: Collateral Damage?

This lecture will consider how Brexit (whatever variety we end up with) might affect developing countries. Many dimensions of the UK's future relations with developing countries remain to be determined. Thus the discussion will be normative as well as positive. This Sussex Development Lecture...

13 February 2020

Event Series

Event series

Conflict, Violence and Development Seminar Series

The IDS Conflict, Violence and Development seminar series focuses on mass violent conflicts as well as every day forms of insecurity, looking at their relationship with poverty and development. It provides a forum to discuss the Institute's work in this area, as well as some exciting work on...

Past Events

Past Event

South-South and Triangular Trade and Investment for Development

The rising prominence of South–South and triangular trade and investments has generated interest as a pathway to sustainable economic development. https://www.facebook.com/idsuk/videos/477476333184881/ Bringing together diverse experiences, this exciting panel of academic researchers,...

16 January 2020

Past Event

Sussex Development Lectures

Future generations: a serious democratic deficit

This Sussex Development Lecture will argue that future generations are not being given  the weight they should have in current decisions and discuss reforms that would help to change this. https://www.facebook.com/idsuk/videos/480993875877232/ It will discuss what justice across...

21 November 2019

Past Event

General Election 2019

Ahead of the UK general election on 12 December, the University of Sussex, the Sussex Students' Union and IDS are hosting a Question Time-style debate involving a selection of candidates who are standing for election in Brighton & Hove. The following are due to speak at the event: Beatrice...

20 November 2019