We convene a wide range of debates, seminars and lectures that bring together multiple perspectives  on development issues and challenges.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Event

Food Equity

Municipalities and food security: a constitutional analysis

In this seminar, Professor Jaap de Visser will present his latest work on the role of local government in securing the right to food. This work is published in the book Land Issues for Urban Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa. Increasing access to food is equally important, so this contribution...

20 July 2021

Event Series

Event series

Conflict, Violence and Development Seminar Series

The IDS Conflict, Violence and Development seminar series focuses on mass violent conflicts as well as every day forms of insecurity, looking at their relationship with poverty and development. It provides a forum to discuss the Institute's work in this area, as well as some exciting work on...

Past Events

Past Event

Redressing religious inequality for people with disability

Around the world, people with disabilities can be the most marginalised in society. Having a disability and being a member of a religious minority can exacerbate that marginalisation and social exclusion, including exclusion from financial support, leading to a cumulative impact on poverty and...

23 June 2021

Past Event

Agriculture, ecosystems and sustainable land use

Agriculture for both food and commodity production can have significant negative ecosystem impacts. Agricultural systems are essential for global nutrition and economic wellbeing, but it is well established that existing systems are no longer sustainable and a key contributor of breaching...

23 June 2021

Past Event

Pakistan Hub webinar series

Pakistan’s Divergent Fertility Transition

The Pakistan Hub, a partnership with the Mahbub ul Haq Research Centre (MHRC) at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, is co-hosting the Mahbub ul Haq Distinguished Lecture series. Watch the events live on the LUMS Facebook page. Registration is not required.  Sathar examines...

10 June 2021

Past Event

The dynamics of deforestation: drivers, nature, interventions and challenges

This deep dive considered deforestation through four interconnected lenses: one, the role of forests/deforestation in climate change (including emissions, mitigation and resilience); two, the links between forests and freshwater ecosystems; three, global production; and, four, local needs,...

9 June 2021