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We convene a wide range of debates, seminars and lectures that bring together multiple perspectives  on development issues and challenges.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Event

Sussex Development Lectures

Covid-19 and development: cities of the future

90 per cent of all COVID-19 cases globally occur in urban areas. However, the ecology of risk, that is, the direct and indirect impacts of the disease, as well as the long-term implications of responses to the pandemic, go well beyond city limits. The pandemic has called into question the very...

29 October 2020

Upcoming Event

Re-imagining health systems for better health and social justice

We are pleased to announce that registration to the Sixth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR2020) is now open. The Symposium will bring together over 2,000 policy-makers, practitioners and researchers from more than 100 countries to explore how we can build health systems which...

From 8 November 2020 until 12 November 2020

Event Series

Event series

Sussex Development Lectures

The Sussex Development Lecture series is an opportunity to hear from leading global thinkers on development. It is jointly run by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), the School of Global Studies , the Science Policy and Research Unit (SPRU) and the Centre for International Education...

Event series

Conflict, Violence and Development Seminar Series

The IDS Conflict, Violence and Development seminar series focuses on mass violent conflicts as well as every day forms of insecurity, looking at their relationship with poverty and development. It provides a forum to discuss the Institute's work in this area, as well as some exciting work on...

Past Events

Past Event

TEDxIDS: Building back better, but different

IDS students have come together to organise the first ever TEDxIDS event. Exploring the theme of “Building Back Better, but Different”, this event will feature different talks to understand what post-Covid development looks like. The talks will cover a range of topics, from the gender...

16 October 2020

Past Event

Sussex Development Lectures

Covid-19 and development: governance and trust

The pandemic is in many ways a crisis of governance. Its mitigation is determined by the nature of policy responses by leaders and governments, and the challenge of building back better will require governments to collect revenue more equitably, and to spend it more inclusively and accountably....

15 October 2020

Past Event

State-citizen dynamics of trust through Covid-19

Governments globally have faced unprecedented challenges in responding to Covid-19. While they have managed to get some things right, delayed responses, insufficient test, track and trace programmes, contradictory messages, disinformation, and a sense of the economy being prioritised over public...

12 October 2020

Past Event

Sussex Development Lectures

Covid-19 and development: building back better?

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt globally with major social and economic disruptions. It has laid bare systemic inequalities and injustices and raised questions of accountability and state/society relations. While many of the impacts have been devastating and the social and economic recovery...

1 October 2020

Past Event

Through the deluge: Forging ahead with sustainability research

Sussex Sustainability Research Programme Symposium 2020 The world looks a lot different since the last annual Sussex Sustainability Research Programme symposium. So, this year it will be held online and will focus on how research is adapting in the face of the pandemic and global social...

From 15 September 2020 until 16 September 2020

Past Event

UN Habitat – Data Driven Solutions to Complex Urban Issues

'Data Driven: How local data and social innovation can help make cities inclusive and safe' analyses the city as a complex system, and brings 'smart' solutions to complex urban issues. This is part of the Global Urban Lectures Season...

18 August 2020