The Governance research cluster identifies the following sub-themes of research to ensure citizens are represented and governed fairly in a world of changing state authorities.


Understanding how taxation affects the quality of governance has implications for social justice, inequality, sustainability and security at both global, national and sub-national levels. The International Centre for Tax and Development is globally the leading organisation in its field.

Politics of Public Policy

Our research focuses on how state-society interactions influence state structures, as well as the shaping and implementation of public policy. Concepts that our work engages with and pushes further include: political settlements, political commitment, capacity of state and non-state actors in policy formulation and implementation, and the role of states in enabling collective action and accountability.

Non-State Actors, Criminality, Hybrid Governance

Increasingly, state actors are only one part of a diversity of actors exercising public authority, particularly in locations where state institutions are weak and where there is insufficient control over territory. Our research will discover how non-state actors, competitors to the state for governance, actually gain legitimacy and are able to exercise and retain authority.

Decentralization and Local Governance

Despite waves of decentralization in many parts of the world we do not yet understand the conditions under which local and decentralized governance can deliver on its promises of effective and locally accountable public authority. While the theme is an old one, we will expand our work in this area particularly in relation to conflict and insecurity as well as local politics.


Image of Anuradha Joshi
Anuradha Joshi

Cluster Leader

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Anne Marie Goetz

Emeritus Fellow

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Becky Carter

Research Officer

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Camilla Lindstrom

DPhil Student

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David Leonard

Visiting Fellow

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Deepta Chopra

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Emilie Wilson

Communications Officer

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Fabrizio Santoro

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Fiona Wilson

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Giulia Mascagni

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Jalia Kangave

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Mike Morris

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Miguel Loureiro

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Peter P. Houtzager

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Rhiannon McCluskey

Research Uptake and Communications Manager

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Robin Luckham

Emeritus Fellow

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Shandana Khan Mohmand

Research Fellow

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Shilpa Deshpande

PhD Student

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Sohela Nazneen

Research Fellow

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Ting Yang

DPhil Student and Alumni Ambassador, China

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Tom Harrison

Research Fellow

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Waziona Ligomeka

PhD student

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Wilson Prichard

Joint Research Director, International Centre for Tax and Development

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Mick Moore

Professorial Fellow



The role of external actors (part of the A4EA programme)

Under the theme of "the role of external actors", this collection of projects from the A4EA programme is examining the best ways for external actors, particularly donors and NGOs, can support internally-led social and political actions that lead to greater empowerment and accountability, or to...


Pathways to Accountability Bargains (part of the A4EA research programme)

This research theme, under the Action for Empowerment and Accountability (A4EA) Research Programme, is concerned with the following question: how can stable and inclusive political settlements (among elites) and a just social contract (between elites and different social groups) emerge that are...

Recent work


Regulatory Burdens in Tax Administration and Firms’ Compliance Costs in Africa

ICTD Research in Brief 24

This paper examines the effect of regulatory burdens related to tax administration on firms’ compliance costs in Africa. Using cross-country firm-level data, the results show that regulatory burdens related to tax administration significantly increase firms’ compliance costs compared to...

5 September 2018