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Covid vaccine passports – balancing rights vs recovery

The global focus on recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic has  shifted attention to vaccines: their availability, roll-out, and take-up. Distribution is complex with this recent IDS article reflecting on the significant inequalities and inequities associated with who actually gets the vaccine,...

25 February 2021


Remote research and disability inclusion during the pandemic

Covid-19 has brought with it a host of changes for development researchers. In many cases, fieldwork has been replaced with remote research methods, ranging from third party data collection to phone interviews and SMS surveys. Whilst remote methods are improving, there are some clear gaps in the...

Anna Louise Strachan

25 February 2021


Visualising the world’s response to Covid-19 through online trackers

More than a year after the first confirmed case of Covid-19, and almost eleven months after the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a pandemic, there are few areas of local, regional and global politics, policy and society that have not been impacted by the global health crisis. Peace...

Devanjan Bhattacharya
Anne Funnemark

23 February 2021