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Let future generations speak

One hundred years ago, the economist Arthur Cecil Pigou pointed out that “our telescopic faculty is defective, and …we, therefore, see future pleasures, as it were, on a diminished scale”; as Al Gore wrote, “The future whispers while the present shouts”.  Before climate change...

24 February 2020


Unfolding the history of international development

“History is necessary to understand the present, to speak truth to power, and to fuel hope – no matter how controversial and many times put under scrutiny – that, despite historical turnarounds, some form of progress exists, or will in the future, and that it is possible to be in a better...

19 February 2020


Citizens’ participation in economic governance: evidence from Ghana

Fiscal indiscipline, particularly in election years, has been a recurring annoyance in Ghana. The country unfortunately failed to recover from the wastefulness of the 2012 election year, making a 16th bailout from the IMF inevitable in 2015. The country’s previous bailouts lacked buy-in from...

Godson Korbla Aloryito

13 February 2020


Notes from the field: the village and the rainmaker troubled by climate change

During our fieldwork in Uganda for the Pandemic Preparedness project, nowhere else have we found a stronger belief in diviners, rainmakers, and sorcery than among the agrarian communities in Kasese district. Among the Bakonzo people the combination of their strong belief in rainmakers and...

Grace Akello & 2 others

12 February 2020