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Addressing knowledge inequalities in research partnerships

International partnerships have played an important role in academic research about the African continent. While funding sources have diversified, a significant share of these partnerships are resourced through European and North American international aid and its renewed interest in...

24 May 2022


Equality for sanitation workers is key to transforming waste into Brown Gold

Sanitation workers in the Global South are some of the most marginalised people in the world. People from stigmatised castes, such as Dalits and Harijans, make up the majority of the sanitation workforce in India and Nepal. The children of manual scavengers can seldom escape sanitation work,...

Dr Amita Bhakta

19 May 2022


Generating relationships of trust in distrustful times

According to a recent global survey  “distrust is now society’s default emotion”. Whilst this is a grand claim, it does emphasise the importance of placing trust at the heart of efforts to bring about positive change, as has been evidenced through the diverse projects of the Covid...

18 May 2022


What is drought? Local constructions, diverse perceptions

There is a huge government and aid machinery to respond to ‘drought’ in Zimbabwe. Humanitarian relief, cash-plus transfer schemes, shock-responsive aid, anticipatory action, insurance products, climate-smart development and much, much more, with millions of dollars spent. But what is...

16 May 2022


What Covid-19 responses in urban India can teach us about community engagement

65 million Indians reside in urban slums. These densely populated informal settlements, which house 22% of India’s population, were deeply affected by the first and second Covid-19 waves. With no security blanket and inadequate health infrastructure, urban slum residents were left to fend for...

Swati Mishra
Prerana Somani

12 May 2022