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Why are women still excluded from public decision-making in Mozambique?

Emerging research from the IDS-led Action for Accountability and Empowerment (A4EA) research programme is finding that – when it comes to linking marginalised households with local forms of authority, in other words taking on a role of intermediation and leadership – men still dominate....

Egídio Chaimite
Lúcio Posse

26 March 2020


Lessons from Brazil for the global response to COVID-19

Epidemics and pandemics expose existing health inequities and all too often intensify them. Patterns of morbidity and mortality may disproportionately affect vulnerable groups such as residents of informal settlements, homeless people, indigenous communities and the elderly, as well as...

25 March 2020


Precarious and informal work exacerbates spread of coronavirus

COVID-19 is having huge economic impacts, which are felt across all segments of society and all sectors of the economy in countries across the world. But hardest hit will be those working in the gig economy and informal sectors. The scarcity of coronavirus test kits means that most people who...

Image of Ayako Ebata
Ayako Ebata & 2 others

23 March 2020