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Natasha Maru on pastoralism and temporality in Kutch

Natasha Maru worked with pastoralists in the Kutch region of Gujarat during her doctoral research with the PASTRES programme. In this video, she talks about the focus of her study and the methods she used, which pay attention to the relationships between mobility and time.

30 September 2022


Pressing for global action on antimicrobial resistance

In an address to the 2022 World Antimicrobial Resistance Congress in Washington D.C. in September, Xavier Becerra, United States Secretary for Health and Human Services, described antimicrobial resistance as “…the second punch [after Covid-19] that gets those who are least prepared, the most...

27 September 2022


Tax on mobile money transfers hits the poor hardest in Ghana

Ghana’s introduction of a 1.5% tax on mobile money transactions in May 2022 has been watched closely by policymakers across Africa. The proponents of the electronic transaction levy (e-levy) argue that taxes on mobile money — commonly referred to in Ghana as MoMo — present an opportunity...

Mike Rogan & 3 others

20 September 2022


Climate change, agrarian justice and pastoralism

How struggles in the agrarian space connect with the huge challenge of climate change is a vital focus for both thinking and action. Climate change is inextricably entwined with capitalism, but how the relationship between capitalism and climate change plays out in the rural world requires...

16 September 2022


Navigating the paradox of the silent pandemic

Antimicrobial drugs, including antibiotics, are the backbone of modern medicine. They are a primary treatment for a spectrum of ailments, from infected wounds to chest infections, sexually transmitted infections to pneumonia. They underpin treatments for people with compromised immune systems,...

16 September 2022


Ethnic minorities in rural Zimbabwe: identities and livelihoods

Another new book from the ever-impressive Unit of Zimbabwe Studies at Rhodes University, led by Kirk Helliker, is now out. It is called Livelihoods of Ethnic Minorities in Rural Zimbabwe and is edited by Kirk Helliker, Patience Chadambuka and Joshua Matanzima with 11 excellent chapters based...

12 September 2022


Knowledge translation in the global South: a new approach

In this blog, Founder and Director of On Think Tanks, Enrique Mendizabal, reflects on a joint research project with IDS which seeks to take a new approach, exploring Knowledge Translation in the Global South. Knowledge translation (KT) practice has evolved over the decades. Research on KT...

Enrique Mendizabal

7 September 2022