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Preparing for the Covid-19 recession in sub-Saharan Africa

Most sub-Saharan African countries have not yet experienced a major Covid-19 outbreak, and governments have already taken action to reduce its impact. But if the objective of the response of governments and international organisations is to reduce excess mortality in Africa, they must not...

Giuliano Russo & 2 others

10 July 2020


Can developing countries do better than the Unified Approach?

Developing countries lose substantial revenues every year to corporate tax avoidance, exacerbated by globalization and digitalization. As part of the OECD/G20 project on addressing the tax challenges of the digitalization of the economy, the OECD secretariat have recently presented the Unified...

Jeroen Lammers

9 July 2020


Merging DFID and Foreign Office puts research at risk

New department must retain approach and expertise built over decades, says Melissa Leach. Prime minister Boris Johnson’s 19 June announcement that the UK Department for International Development (DFID) is to be merged with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has raised many concerns....

3 July 2020


Localised food networks give hope in Brazil’s Covid-19 crisis

Brazil is being severely struck by Covid-19. The soaring number of deaths, rising unemployment, and food insecurity, together with baffling negligence by the federal government, paint a bleak picture. Yet, there are uplifting stories of solidarity and innovation in food provisioning propping up...

Claudia Schmitt

2 July 2020


When Covid-19 impacts your PhD fieldwork

Ru-Yu Lin is a PhD researcher exploring local responses to environmental change in the Eastern Himalayas. In March her fieldwork was suddenly interrupted by Covid-19 and she had to rethink her approach. In this blog post, she shares her experiences and hope with others who are in a similar...

1 July 2020