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Lessons for conducting phone-based surveys during Covid-19 and beyond

The lived experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic are starkly divided along gender lines, and the pandemic has already exacerbated gender inequalities within the home and in the labour market across countries. To understand the gendered impacts and experiences of the pandemic in urban Pakistan and...

Image of Ali Cheema
Ali Cheema & 2 others

19 January 2021


Navigating School Closures: How much are India’s students learning?

Recent global estimates suggest that school closures, unequal access to technology-based educational inputs, and other disruptions caused by the pandemic are likely to result in 'learning loss'. This presents a real fear of increasing school dropout rates, and aggravating existing equity gaps in...

Rajasvi Gandhi

18 January 2021


Development cooperation in the pandemic era – China and the West

Global development is at a turning point. We need to recognise the differences and competition between regions and countries while still promoting development cooperation. Global challenges require global responses and local solutions. In an international environment of increasing tension and...

13 January 2021