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Are African youth innovative?

This is the question that we address in a new article published in the Journal of Rural Studies. Entitled 'Are African rural youth innovative? Claims, evidence and implications', the paper is open access and free to download. Our interest in this question is rooted in the fact that claims about...

22 May 2019


Could INGOs be the future of evidence for development?

Long gone are the days when academic institutions could claim a monopoly on good quality research on development. Many INGOs (international non-governmental organisations) who acquired their initial experience of research as an advocacy tool now have very significant and sophisticated research...

16 May 2019


Making graduation programmes work for children

Despite progress in the last decade, child poverty remains widespread. Almost 250 million children aged 0-5 in low- and middle-income countries are at risk of not reaching their developmental potential. Poverty reduction is vital for improving children’s chances in life, both now and into the...

10 May 2019


Looking at UK issues through an international lens

It still remains a surprise – well, to me at least - that the divisions in research and practice between UK domestic affairs and international development remain so marked today.  Despite extensive discussions on ‘the role and future of development studies’ it appears that most people...

7 May 2019