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Four priorities for global Britain, Brexit or no Brexit

While debates rage on about the UK’s relationship with the European Union, interwoven with discussions about a possible general election, I believe it is important to look beyond the short-term and focus on the future of Britain’s role in the world.  Here are four ways the UK Government can...

13 September 2019


Donor interventions toward public authority in Jordan and Lebanon

The Syrian Crisis has caused the influx of over 900,000 refugees to Lebanon and over 650,000 to Jordan as of June 2019. In Jordan, 80% of Syrian refugees live outside of established refugee camps, while Lebanon adopted a policy against encampment altogether. As such, refugees in both countries...

IMPACT Initiatives

12 September 2019


Microfinanced land-grabs and abuses in Cambodia are no surprise

One day people may wonder how anyone thought that lending money at high interest rates would empower the poor. Yet since the 1980s, the small, high-interest loans that were initially known as microcredit, have been a staple of global development agencies’ toolkits. The non-profit microfinance...

6 September 2019


Who’s governing in cities in Jordan and Lebanon?

For decades, Jordanian and Lebanese cities have been witnessing a rapid growth and urban sprawl. Disparities have grown with chronically under-serviced neighbourhoods hosting large numbers of vulnerable individuals, hosts and refugees, living in precarious formal and informal...

Hart Ford

30 August 2019