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Decidim: why digital tools for democracy need to be developed democratically

New digital platforms for citizens' initiatives, such as Decidim, are becoming more popular. Adrian Smith and Pedro Prieto Martín argue that the technology itself should also be developed in a democratic way, thereby ensuring such instruments can establish themselves as tools for democracy in...

Adrian Smith

17 March 2023


Civic action in difficult settings: Taking a citizen-eye view

In early March, the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Institute released its seventh annual democracy report. The report updated the now repeated and discouraging litanies from previous reports. Democracy is backsliding. Closed autocracies outnumber liberal democracies, for the first time in more...

15 March 2023


Engaging China on global challenges: responding to the Integrated Review 2023

The long-awaited refresh to the UK Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy (the Integrated Review, or IR) was published yesterday, two years on from the first version. The IR is the preeminent guiding document on the way the UK sees relations with China at a time...

14 March 2023

Student Opinion

Crossing the finish line

Kenta Matsumoto, currently studying MA Development Studies with IDS, recently featured in the Argus newspaper after completing the Brighton Half Marathon. He shares his insights into running has helped him with his studies. I started running three years ago, and this was my second half...

Kenta Matsumoto

13 March 2023


Breaking the link between ‘polycrisis’ and poverty

This year marks the halfway point— eight years in and eight years out— of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty and reduce inequalities. Yet we are a long way off from these commitments, and multiple crises - now known as ‘polycrisis’ – such as conflict, disaster and...

10 March 2023


Embracing equity in different contexts this International Women’s Day

This International Women's Day (8 March) falls after a year in which we have seen the continuation of gender backlash forces around the world. Women's reproductive rights are being increasingly targeted, online gender based violence is multiplying in diverse contexts, and in many settings...

10 March 2023


Child marriage in Pakistan: Conversations with activists

International Women's Day is an important day for raising awareness of the challenges for achieving gender equality and to recognise the accomplishments of gender activists around the world. To unpack key debates around child marriage law and its implementation in Pakistan, Mahnaz Shujrah, a...

Mahnaz Shujrah

8 March 2023


The changing life of transhumant pastoralists in central and northern Chile

In Chile, a country more than 4,000 km long, few things are constant. Its people, climate, and landscape present an ever-changing array of differences. But there is one thing that you can find everywhere you look: the Andes. This massive mountain range crosses our country and, to some extent,...

Juan Pablo del Valle
Matías Hargreaves

6 March 2023