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Democratising economic power

As the world’s economic elites gather in Davos, I am reflecting on a blog I wrote last year in reaction to the 2019 World Economic Forum focus on “Globalisation 4.0”. Entitled ‘Putting the spotlight on “participation” in economic alternatives’, the blog questioned the Davos model...

20 January 2020


UK-Africa investment must not overlook African entrepreneurs

On 20 January, the UK-Africa Investment Summit takes place in London. According to DFID, the focus is on “investment opportunities”, “lasting partnerships”, “jobs, growth and sustainability”.  A forthcoming paper I have been working on with colleagues from Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya,...

17 January 2020


Life for women living on an Ebola border

On the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda, separated only by the River Lhubhiriha, people share cultural, social, political and economic activities. Their lives flow across the border, for example, Congolese women constitute the highest proportion of women who give birth...

Grace Akello

16 January 2020


PhD researcher, Jorge Ortiz-Moreno, explains what it’s like to study at IDS

Jorge Adrián Ortiz-Moreno is a PhD researcher at IDS, currently in his first year. In this interview, he tells us about his journey so far and what it’s like to study at IDS. He also gives some valuable advice to anyone considering studying a PhD. Why did you want to do a PhD? And why...

20 December 2019


Why embracing uncertainty could help us to face the future

As we prepare to enter a new decade, thoughts turn to a future that is not fully known or set in stone. What we do every day matters, but we can’t guarantee that decisions – from local initiatives to global agreements – will have the outcomes we expect. The world is complex, and...

19 December 2019