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Genome editing in post-Brexit agriculture: Which way for the UK?

In less than a month’s time, the UK’s relationship with the European Union will change dramatically. Agriculture and food will be among the biggest areas affected – from production methods and supply routes to labelling and product standards. A lot will depend on the outcomes of trade...

Image of Dominic Glover
Dominic Glover & 2 others

4 December 2020

Impact Story

Achieving climate justice in India’s Sundarbans

Women on the frontline of climate change in India have been making their voices heard and demanding climate justice, with help from a research partnership including the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and led by Noragric, NMBU and funded by the Research Council of Norway. Communities in...

4 December 2020


Pluralising Heritage Voices in Iraq and Syria

As part of the IDS-led Coalition for Religious Equality and Inclusive Development (CREID),  we are working with religious minority communities in Iraq and Syria to pluralise heritage voices by undertaking oral histories that document the heritage that they deem valuable. As part of an upcoming...

3 December 2020


The Covid-19 recovery: whose evidence will count?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has highlighted the contested nature of research and the politics of knowledge. As we start the journey to recovery, there are important lessons for how we better connect evidence to policy. Coinciding with news of a successful Covid-19 vaccine trial, IDS announced two...

2 December 2020