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Durdin-er Diaries: chronicles of hard times in Bangladesh

Which governance channels do people whose livelihoods and incomes were severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic navigate while attempting to bounce back? Through a joint IDS and BIGD research project we aim to answer this question by exploring the trajectories of recovery, coping strategies,...

27 January 2023


The top five questions we get asked by prospective students

Choosing a Master’s degree is a big decision, and we know that the application process can throw up a lot of questions for prospective students considering studying at IDS. Below, we’ve answered the top five questions we get asked about studying at IDS. Am I qualified / will I get...

26 January 2023

Student Opinion

How diversity has impacted my experience at IDS

Yasmin Almeida Lobato Morais is a student on the MA Power, Participation & Social Change. In this blog post Yasmin reflects on the diversity, new connections, deep conversations, and complex thinking that have shaped her experience at IDS. Before I came to IDS, I was living with my family in my...

Yasmin Almeida Lobato Morais, MA Power, Participation & Social Change, 2023

25 January 2023

Student Opinion

Top five things students love about studying at IDS

We sat down with a group of our current students to find out what they liked most about studying at IDS. Here are the top five reasons they gave! It only takes a year to get a Master’s degree in the UK The quicker timeframe for achieving a Master’s degree is a big plus, as it helps to...

24 January 2023


The true role of ethnicity in Sahelian herder-farmer conflicts

The Sahel is inflamed by violent conflicts that are usually traced back to an ethnic matrix, an alleged atavistic hatred between communities of nomadic herders and settled farmers. But this narrative is highly reductive and does not take into account the complexity of such conflicts. There are,...

Massimo Equizi

20 January 2023

Student Opinion

Life at IDS: Studying, socialising and beyond

Haruki Ume joined IDS in September 2022 to study a Master's in Development Studies. In this blog post, he shares reflections on student life at IDS from his first few months, and why he chose to study at IDS. Studying in the IDS community My most favourite part of student life at IDS is the...

Haruki Ume, MA Development Studies 2023

19 January 2023

Student Opinion

Being part of the IDS community

A student currently studying for their Master's in Governance, Development & Public Policy reflects on their time at IDS, and the sense of community she feels a part of. One of my first impressions of IDS was on the induction day. Staff had a name badge for every student, where we are from and...

A student on MA in Governance, Development & Public Policy, 2023

19 January 2023

Student Opinion

Why do a Master’s in international development?

Andrew Adwera was part of MA Society, Science and Development and graduated in 2008. He has set up his own social enterprise which seeks to empower young people in Kenya, and is currently working on influencing policy around energy and renewable energy sources. Before I came to study at IDS I...

Andrew Adwera MA Society, Science and Development, 2008

19 January 2023