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Child Labour: What are our common priorities?

When engaged in child labour, children are deprived of learning and are often exposed to a multitude of physical and psychological harms. South Asia is home to approximately 664 million children, the largest population of children in any one region in the world.  Failing to address child labour...

Danny Burns
Danny Burns & 4 others

11 June 2024


The World Bank and land: some questions

The World Bank’s land conference returned this year in May after a gap since 2019. It is the go-to venue for mainstream (economic) debate about land. To a room full of suits, the conference was opened by a keynote from Andrew Steer, now President and CEO of the Bezos Earth Fund (and formerly...

3 June 2024


South Africa decides 2024 part 2: the state of the parties

True or false? First, one country holding elections this year has 350 registered political parties, 52 of which will appear on its national ballot. Second, one of the 350 is named ‘Basic Income Grant’ and promises to give every adult citizen free cash transfers every month. Or third, this...

22 May 2024


Visual methods and working with migrant people in an urban setting

Inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) systems in off-grid towns are an emerging area of concern as worldwide trends point towards a rapid movement of vulnerable rural populations migrating to towns. WASH systems for vulnerable populations migrating to the cities have always been a...

21 May 2024


Towards a conflict-sensitive role for grassroot organisations in social protection in Sudan

A year of conflict has deepened the dire humanitarian crisis in Sudan. This crisis is deeply rooted in the poor governance of Sudan characterised by concentration of power and resources amongst a network of military, private and political elites. It is a political crisis with roots in a long...

20 May 2024

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In an extraordinary time of challenge and change, we use more than 50 years of expertise to transform development approaches that create more equitable and sustainable futures. The work you do with us will help make progressive change towards universal development; to build and connect solidarities for collective action, locally and globally. The University of Sussex has been ranked 1st in the world for Development Studies for the past five years (QS World University Rankings by Subject).