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Doing a Master’s in Power, Participation and Social Change at IDS

Kalyan Tanksale is studying a master’s degree in Power, Participation and Social Change. Here he reflects on his IDS journey so far. Watch a short video excerpt of Kalyan’s interview or read the full transcript below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up1WDE_SJPI Why did you choose to do...

26 June 2019

Impact Story

Award for IDS-led action research for peace-building in Myanmar

Amid international responses to conflict, disease or disaster, there is a growing call to pay more heed to local perspectives. Whether this means considering local customs including burial practices during an epidemic such as Ebola or the wellbeing of refugees, the underlying concept is that...

21 June 2019


Is global citizenship the answer to the ‘refugee crisis’?

The TV images of refugees being rescued from flimsy boats in the Mediterranean, or never making it are all too familiar. World Refugee Day is another reminder that on a daily basis, refugees are making treacherous journeys to find security, safety and peace. According to the UN Refugee Agency...

20 June 2019


Are Smart Cities like mangoes?

‘Show me the evidence!’ is the hackneyed phrase on the lips of each and every policymaker and urban local authority tasked with making their city ‘smart’. Smart City initiatives have begun playing a prominent role in the international development agenda. There are a variety of local...

Kunal Kumar

19 June 2019


What is revolutionary about the Green Revolution?

The dramatic increase in yields of wheat and rice in the 1960s and 1970s in India, along with many other countries in the post-colonial world, was framed as a technological breakthrough made possible by miracle hybrid seed varieties. This breakthrough ostensibly averted mass scale hunger and was...

13 June 2019


The bounded mutuality of research-policy partnerships

Engaging research with policy means dealing with the realities of partnering with those whose agendas and mandates differ to your own. The Impact Initiative for International Development Research, which has spent the last four years supporting over two hundred research projects funded by the...

11 June 2019