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Journal Article

Linking Energy Access, Gender and Poverty: A Review of the Literature on Productive Uses of Energy

Energy Research & Social Science Volume 53

This article reviews the empirical literature about gender and productive uses of energy, focusing on electricity, to answer three research questions: do men and women obtain different benefits from the Productive Use of Electricity (PUE)?; which gendered constraints affect women’s chances to...

1 July 2019


IDS Postgraduate Prospectus 2019

Postgraduate studies have been central to IDS since its foundation in 1966 as the UK’s specialist institution for teaching and research on international development. Our teaching and learning is shaped by our distinctive ‘engaged excellence’ approach. This means working in partnership...

11 April 2019

Journal Article

Power Dynamics and Integration in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Learning Lessons for Transdisciplinary Research in Cambodia

Environmental Science and Policy Volume 94

For nexus approaches to be successful in their analysis and influence, integration dynamics must be understood in the context of larger power dynamics. Current analysis barely take this dimension into account. In this article, we aim to delimit and understand the power-related enabling...

1 April 2019