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Working Paper

The Customer is King: Evidence on VAT Compliance in Tanzania

World Development 128

Value Added Tax (VAT) has emerged as one of the main modes of raising tax revenue worldwide, but has significantly underperformed as a revenue source in African countries. To improve compliance, Tanzania has introduced Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs), which automatically transmit information...

1 April 2020

Journal Article

The Role of Graduation Programming in Promoting Early Childhood Development: an Overview of the Evidence

Journal of the British Academy;(s2), 133–161

It is widely understood that poverty undermines early childhood development (ECD). In turn, poor ECD reinforces intergenerational transmission of poverty. Comprehensive economic strengthening and social protection programmes, such as ‘graduation programmes’, may offer a ‘double boon’:...

Image of Keetie Roelen
Keetie Roelen & 2 others

25 March 2020


Reality Bites: Making Realist Evaluation Useful in the Real World

CDI Practice Paper 22

Realist evaluation asks ‘how and why do interventions work or not work, for whom, and in what circumstances?’ It holds promise as an approach that can help evaluate complex programmes, and provide nuanced insights to guide decisions about rolling out, scaling up, or trying out interventions...

Melanie Punton & 4 others

9 March 2020

Journal Article

Crise post-électorale en Côte d’Ivoire et logique de la non-violence en milieu urbain: une illustration à partir des villes de Gagnoa, Guiglo et San Pedro en 2010–11

Les auteurs cherchent à comprendre pourquoi certaines villes clés dans un sens stratégique, symbolique et historique (les villes de Gagnoa, Guiglo et San Pedro) n’ont pas connu de cycle de violence pendant et après la crise post-électorale de 2010 à 2011 en Côte d’Ivoire. Le niveau...

Patrick Zadi Zadi

27 February 2020


Gender and Energy: Opportunities for All

IDS Bulletin 51.1

The global drive to provide universal access to sustainable and modern energy by 2030 is creating numerous opportunities for energy users and suppliers. However, men and women do not benefit equally from these opportunities. Women’s contribution to energy planning, supply, and policymaking is...

20 February 2020