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Working Paper

The Tax Response to COVID-19 in Ethiopia: Lessons for the Future

African Tax Administration Paper;28

The government of Ethiopia, like other governments, has provided tax response measures in order to mitigate the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19. These measures, among others, include a waiver of outstanding tax liabilities that taxpayers owe to the government; a tax amnesty or relief on...

Mulugeta Akalu & 2 others

24 January 2023

Working Paper

Kakai Religion and the Place of Music and the Tanbur

CREID Working Paper 19

This paper discusses the historical context and mythic framework of the Kakai religion. While some information regarding Kakai theological views and beliefs may be known to outsiders, many facets of their religious life, customs and traditions remain undisclosed.

13 January 2023

Journal Article

Global Queer and Feminist Activism: An Introduction

Queer and feminist visual activism has various origins across the globe and has emerged in a fluid cultural field of visual arts, popular culture, and protest aesthetics. Given the current context of gender backlash, these forms of activism have become urgent, and so too has scholarship that...

Olu Jenzen

30 December 2022

Working Paper

Citizen Voice and the Arts: Opportunities and Challenges for Citizen–Policy Engagement on Environmental Issues in Sahelian West Africa

IDS Working Paper 584

Citizen and policy groups address environmental challenges in the Sahel, but rarely together. In Sahelian West Africa, including in Mauritania, Senegal, and Mali, artists and citizens have used protest art to make their voices heard, in contexts where this can carry risks of conflict with...

21 December 2022

Working Paper

Connecting Food Inequities Through Relational Territories

IDS Working Paper 583

This paper explores how food inequities manifest at a territorial level, and how food territories are experienced, understood, and navigated by stakeholders to address those inequities. We interpret ‘food territory’ as a relational and transcalar concept, connected through geography,...

Julian May & 6 others

19 December 2022

Working Paper

Challenging the Normalisation of Hunger in Highly Unequal Societies

IDS Working Paper 582

This paper starts from an empirical observation that levels of hunger or food insecurity in middle-income and high-income countries are often higher than might be expected, and in some cases are rising rather than falling in recent years. We document levels and trends in selected food security...

19 December 2022