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Pandemic Preparedness for the Real World

Why We Must Invest in Equitable, Ethical and Effective Approaches to Help Prepare for the Next Pandemic The cost of the Covid-19 pandemic remains unknown. Lives directly lost to the disease continue to mount, while related health, livelihood and wellbeing impacts are still being felt, and the...

10 March 2023


The Alternatives to Universal Tax Registration in Sri Lanka

This note argues that the Sri Lankan government’s recent proposal to implement universal tax registration is neither a viable nor effective strategy to increase the country’s tax revenue. Instead, the note proposes four alternative measures that are more feasible, while still serving the...

Nishan de Mel

9 March 2023


Mandating Digital Tax Tools as a Response to Covid: Evidence from Eswatini

ICTD Research in Brief; 83

To reduce physical contact, Covid-19 forced many tax authorities to embrace digital technologies for filing and payment. Pandemic control aside, e-filing and e-payment hold great promise in facilitating taxpayer compliance, increasing transparency and curbing opportunity for collusion...

Razan Amine

3 March 2023

Journal Article

The Great Green Wall in Senegal: Questioning the Idea of Acceleration Through the Conflicting Temporalities of Politics and Nature Among the Sahelian Populations

In January 2021, the Great Green Wall Accelerator was announced at the third One Planet Summit in Paris. Based on the notion of acceleration developed by Harmut Rosa and using the idea of conflicting temporalities in the study of social-ecological systems, this article analyzes how the political...

1 March 2023

Journal Article

Repertoires of Citizen Action in Hybrid Settings

In recent years, a growing literature has emerged analysing how organised citizen action can achieve more accountable and inclusive governance mostly focused on relatively open, democratic or more stable contexts, often in western democracies. Yet only a small proportion of the world’s...

28 February 2023