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Journal Article

Resource Warfare, Pacification and the Spectacle of ‘Green’ Development: Logics of Violence in Engineering Extraction in Southern Madagascar

Political Geography Vol 81

Bringing political ecology's concern with the critical politics of nature and resource violence into dialogue with key debates in political geography, critical security studies and research on the geographies and phenomenology of violence and warfare, this paper explores strategies ‘from...

Yvonne Orengo

1 August 2020


Interventions to Combat High-Interest Informal Moneylending

CLARISSA Emerging Evidence Report 1

This Emerging Evidence Report acknowledges that high-interest informal moneylending can serve a useful purpose in developing countries, helping those without the means to access credit from formal financial institutions. However, the high charges for these informal loans can lead to people being...

28 May 2020


Fifty Years of Research on Pastoralism and Development

IDS Bulletin 51.1A

This archive IDS Bulletin reflects on 50 years of research on pastoralism at IDS. Much has changed, but there are also important continuities. The ‘end of pastoralism’ was proclaimed widely in the 1970s, yet, as a successful, resilient livelihood adapted to some of the harshest...

Image of Ian Scoones
Ian Scoones & 9 others

26 May 2020


Key Considerations for COVID-19 Management in Marginalised Populations in Southeast Asia: Transnational Migrants, Informal Workers, and People Living in Informal Settlements

This brief presents considerations for COVID-19 management among structurally vulnerable populations in Southeast Asia, including transnational migrants, people working in the informal economy, and people living in informal urban and peri-urban settlements. These vulnerable groups are generally...

22 May 2020


K4D COVID-19 Demography Evidence Summaries

K4D is publishing these weekly Demography Evidence Summaries to signpost DFID and other UK government departments to the latest relevant evidence and discourse on COVID-19 to inform and support their response. K4D COVID-19 Demography Evidence Summary No.3 28 May 2020 K4D COVID-19...

14 May 2020


Impacts of Covid-19 on Inclusive Economic Growth in Middle-income Countries

K4D Helpdesk Report 811

This helpdesk report reviews available evidence on impacts from previous epidemics, financial crises and emerging evidence from Covid-19 on inclusive growth in middle-income countries. Covid-19 is likely to cause much greater economic damage than any recent disease outbreak or economic crisis....

11 May 2020