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The Routledge Handbook of Smuggling

The Routledge Handbook of Smuggling offers a comprehensive survey of interdisciplinary research related to smuggling, reflecting on key themes, and charting current and future trends. Divided into six parts and spanning over 30 chapters, the volume covers themes such as mobility, borders,...

Florian Weigand

22 December 2021

Journal Article

The Politics of Taxing Multinational Firms in a Digital Age

Journal of European Public Policy; Volume 28, Issue 11

Taxing multinationals is politically difficult because of the structural power of mobile firms within the global economy, and this structural power is expected to increase in the digital age. Recently however there has been a breakdown in the international corporate tax consensus that...

Margarita Gelepithis

17 December 2021

Journal Article

Introduction: Feminist Protests and Politics in a World in Crisis

Welcome to Gender & Development’s special double issue on Feminist Protests and Politics in a World in Crisis. This double issue was produced during a global pandemic that has triggered a deep economic crisis and an unprecedented public health emergency worldwide. When we were approached to...

Awino Okech

7 December 2021

Journal Article

Visible Outside, Invisible Inside: the Power of Patriarchy on Female Protest Leaders in Conflict and Violence-affected Settings

Gender and Development Vol 29 Number 2-3

The literature on women’s participation in public protests and movements shows that even when they are prominent actors within these, most women are excluded from the male-dominated decision-making spaces within which negotiations with the state occur. In this article we look at the case of...

Jalila Haider

7 December 2021


Monitoring and Evaluation for Rural Sanitation and Hygiene: Framework

The monitoring and evaluation (M&E) Guidelines and Framework presented in this document (and in the accompanying M&E Indicator Framework) aim to encourage stakeholders in the rural sanitation and hygiene sector to take a more comprehensive, comparable and people focused approach to monitoring...

1 December 2021