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Working Paper

When Complex is as Simple as it Gets: Guide for Recasting Policy and Management in the Anthropocene

IDS Working Paper 589

Many readers recognise and understand that complex is about as simple as it gets for major policy and management. This guide is for those unwilling in the Anthropocene to shrink back into the older platitudes about ‘keep it simple’ and ‘not to worry, we’ll scale up the analysis later on’.

6 June 2023


Technology and Tax: Adoption and Impacts of E-services in Rwanda

ICTD Working Paper; 88

Many low-income countries are increasingly digitising their tax services, which can bring a range of benefits, from reducing compliance costs and improving record-keeping, to limiting opportunities for corruption and increasing fairness in the tax system. However, the success of these benefits...

5 June 2023

Working Paper

Taxing Mobile Money in Kenya: Impact on Financial Inclusion

Many people argue that mobile money has the potential to increase financial inclusion and improve the livelihoods of poor people in Africa. However, while many African governments impose specific taxes on mobile money transactions, very little is known about their effect on the use of mobile...

Awa Diouf
Awa Diouf & 2 others

1 June 2023


Towards Digital Transformation for Universal Health Coverage

The Covid-19 pandemic has re-emphasised the need to ensure equitable access to safe, effective and affordable health services. The very rapid shift to the use of smartphone apps and telephone consultations (telemedicine) has highlighted the potential impact of digital innovations on the...

Gerald Bloom
Gerald Bloom & 6 others

1 June 2023


People’s Agenda for Pandemic Preparedness

In May 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that Covid-19 is no longer a health emergency. Now that the world is in this new period of living with the coronavirus, it is an important time to gather knowledge gained from our experiences. Over 50 researchers from 25 countries...

Catherine Grant
Catherine Grant & 50 others

30 May 2023

Working Paper

Between God, the People, and the State: Citizen Conceptions of Zakat

ICTD Working Paper; 167

The global pool for zakat – one of the five pillars of Islam mandating an annual payment typically equivalent to 2.5 per cent of an individual’s productive wealth – is estimated to make up between USD 200 billion and 1 trillion. States have long sought to harness zakat for their own...

Max Gallien
Max Gallien & 2 others

25 May 2023


Key Considerations: Community-Based Surveillance in Public Health

This brief offers key considerations for CBS programming to guide policymakers, public health officials, civil society organisations, health workers, researchers, advocates, and others interested in health surveillance. It is based on a rapid review of CBS guidance and social science literature.

24 May 2023

Working Paper

Living Off-Grid Food and Infrastructure Collaboration: Concepts and Assumptions

Living Off-Grid Food and Infrastructure Collaboration Working Paper 1

This working paper is the product of the Living Off-Grid Food and Infrastructure Collaboration. It is designed to bring together our thinking on how infrastructure can shape the food and nutritional security of urban marginalised populations. Infrastructure assemblages include the material...

Jane Battersby & 13 others

23 May 2023


Conflict-Sensitive Social Protection: Somalia Country Report

In a context of weak central political authority and persistent conflict, Somalia’s fledgling social protection sector continues to lean heavily on humanitarian actors for its delivery. It is also largely externally driven and financed, with consequences for the calibre of sector coherence.

23 May 2023