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Handwashing Compendium for Low Resource Settings: A Living Document

Frequent and proper handwashing with soap is vital to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In response, we have developed this Handwashing Compendium for Low Resource Settings. Bringing existing information from different organisations into one place, the compendium provides guidance, local examples...

Image of Mimi Coultas
Mimi Coultas & 2 others

14 October 2020


Humanitarian Evidence Summaries

K4D is publishing these monthly Humanitarian Evidence Summaries to signpost the FCDO and other UK government departments to the latest relevant evidence and discourse on humanitarian response to inform and support their response. The scope of the Humanitarian Evidence Summary includes emerging...

8 October 2020


China and Humanitarian Aid Cooperation

IDS Policy Briefing;170

China’s international humanitarian aid role is increasing. Widely welcomed by recipients, China’s aid is also criticised on motivational and technical grounds and surrounded by intensifying political scrutiny.

5 October 2020


Social Protection and Building Back Better

Positioning Paper

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant sweeping changes for economies and societies, with the most devastating consequences for individuals and groups with pre-existing vulnerabilities. These impacts are likely to be compounded in contexts with greater fragility. As attention shifts from addressing...

Image of Jeremy Lind
Jeremy Lind & 2 others

30 September 2020


Gender Equality and Building Back Better

Positioning Paper

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected men and women differently, exacerbating existing gender inequalities across a range of areas including health, education and livelihoods. Globally, women and girls are also experiencing increased levels of gender-based violence. The pandemic has highlighted the...

30 September 2020


Governance and Building Back Better

Positioning Paper

The pandemic is in many ways a crisis of governance. Its magnitude and mitigation are determined by the nature of policy responses and crisis management by leaders and governments, and existing socioeconomic inequality has led to a disproportionate impact on some groups.

30 September 2020


Food Systems and Building Back Better

Positioning Paper

Measures that have been put in place across the world to slow down the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) have had profound effects on food and nutrition security for those furthest behind.

Image of Ayako Ebata
Ayako Ebata & 2 others

30 September 2020

Journal Article

Pastoralists and Peasants: Perspectives on Agrarian Change

The Journal of Peasant Studies

For many years, studies of peasants and pastoralists have run in parallel, creating mutual blind-spots. This article argues that, despite contrasting research traditions and conceptual framings, there are many commonalities. The classic problematics of agrarian studies – around production,...

27 September 2020


Health financing priorities in the time of Covid-19?

​​​​​​​This learning session, held on the 12th October, was designed to meet the needs of health advisers, the wider health network and those from other cadres with an interest in health. It was delivered as part of the Health Systems Strengthening Learning Journey, which aims to...

25 September 2020

Working Paper

What is Wrong with African Tax Administration?

ICTD Working Paper 111

National tax administrations in sub-Saharan Africa have undergone considerable reform in recent decades. In a number of respects, they are, on average, more reformed and more efficient than tax administrations in other low income regions of the world. They have responded effectively to a number...

24 September 2020