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Journal Article

Power Dynamics and Integration in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Learning Lessons for Transdisciplinary Research in Cambodia

Environmental Science and Policy Volume 94

For nexus approaches to be successful in their analysis and influence, integration dynamics must be understood in the context of larger power dynamics. Current analysis barely take this dimension into account. In this article, we aim to delimit and understand the power-related enabling...

1 April 2019


Toilets Not Taxes: Gender Inequity in Dar es Salaam’s City Markets

ICTD Research in Brief 31

In this paper we examine market taxation in Dar es Salaam from a gender perspective. We do not find any evidence of gender bias in the way market traders are taxed, but we do find a major gender issue that we did not expect – toilet fees. Female traders pay up to 18 times more for their daily...

16 March 2019

Journal Article

Understanding the Nourishment of Bodies at the Centre of Food and Health Systems – Systemic, Bodily and New Materialist Perspectives on Nutritional Inequity

Social Science & Medicine;

That nutritional inequalities continue to proliferate at a global level requires new insight from all disciplines, given their formation at the intersection of broader inequities in food, health and other systems. This paper argues that critical social scientific perspectives are needed to...

4 March 2019

Working Paper

Invisible Citizens: Why More Women in Pakistan Do Not Vote

IDS Working Paper 524

Why does a gender gap in voting exist in Pakistan? Our research looks beyond the creation of democratic spaces for women's participation, such as voter registration, to look instead at the constraints that women face in being able to use such spaces. This paper uses qualitative fieldwork...

Image of Ali Cheema
Ali Cheema & 3 others

20 February 2019

Journal Article

Can China Lead in Multilateral Environmental Negotiations? Internal Politics, Self-Depiction, and China’s Contribution in Climate Change Regime and Mekong Governance

The impacts of China’s intensified efforts to engage in regional and global environmental governance is widely noted and debated. With rapidly increasing economic and political influence, China has been gradually changing its attitude and strategy in negotiations over some of the most...

19 February 2019