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Working Paper

Demanding Power: Contentious Politics and Electricity in Pakistan

IDS Working Paper 551

This paper explores Pakistan’s electricity supply crisis that lasted from 2007 to 2015, and the ensuing contention that shaped public discourse and political events in the country. During this period, which witnessed electricity outages of up to 14 hours per day, 456 incidents of contention...

Image of Umair Javed
Umair Javed & 2 others

3 June 2021

Working Paper

Accountability Bargains in Pakistan

IDS Working Paper 550

Poor and marginalised citizens rarely engage directly with the state to solve their governance issues in fragile, conflict and violence-affected settings, as these settings are characterised by the confrontational nature of state–citizen relations.

27 May 2021


Youth and the Rural Economy in Africa


How do young people across Africa engage with the rural economy? And what are the implications for how they build livelihoods and futures for themselves, and for rural areas and policy?

24 May 2021


Youth, Land and Rural Livelihoods in Africa

IDS Policy Briefing 179

Rural economic transformations in Africa are generating new opportunities to engage with agricultural value chains. However, many young people are said to be locked out of such opportunities because of limited access to farmland, which pushes them out of agriculture and rural areas, and/or...

24 May 2021