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Reshaping Ethiopia’s Higher Education Curriculum to Tackle Youth Unemployment

IDS Policy Briefing 157

Ethiopia has seen remarkable economic growth in the past decade, and there has been high demand for construction work to keep up with the pace of change. As part of the country’s Growth and Transformation Plans (GTPs) unprecedented efforts have been made to grow the university sector,...

1 December 2018


Stimulating Agribusiness Entrepreneurship to Solve Youth Unemployment in Kenya

IDS Policy Briefing 158

More than one million Kenyan youth enter the labour market every year, yet many young people struggle to find jobs in the manufacturing and service sectors. Currently, the transition rate from secondary to further education is very low and means many young people are leaving school with only...

1 December 2018


Agribusiness, Sustainable Jobs, and Youth Unemployment: Lessons from Ghana

IDS Policy Briefing;159

Agro-processing export firms can play a key role in addressing labour casualisation and youth unemployment in Ghana. However, many firms face both internal and external challenges that are affecting their contribution to the sustainability of jobs for youth in the country. This IDS Policy...

1 December 2018


The Circular Economy and the Global South

The circular economy is a policy approach and business strategy that aims to improve resource productivity, promote sustainable consumption and production and reduce environmental impacts. This book (which is published on the 4 April 2019) examines the relevance of the circular economy in the...

30 November 2018


Youth Employment and the Private Sector in Africa

IDS Bulletin 49.5

Globally, governments, development agencies, and inter-governmental institutions have invested heavily in skills-building interventions seeking to enhance the employability of youths. However, policy actors are becoming more aware of the shortcomings of skills-building interventions, and...

28 November 2018


An Analysis of Protein Consumption in India Through Plant and Animal Sources

LANSA Working Paper Series 2018;24

Cereals are the major source of protein in the Indian diet. In recent years, due to declining preference the consumption of cereals is decreasing in spite of increasing output. Therefore, the country needs to further increase the production and encourage the intake of pulses in order to meet...

27 November 2018


Leaving No One Behind in a Digital World

K4D Emerging Issues Report;

In an increasingly digital world, relatively privileged people are able to use their access to mobile and internet technologies to access clear digital dividends including remote access to health and education information, financial inclusion and digital pathways to economic and political...

1 November 2018

Working Paper

Women in Politics: Gaining Ground for Progressive Outcomes in Pakistan

IDS Working Paper;519

This paper is an analysis of findings from a study of women’s political voice in Pakistan under the A4EA Research Programme. It aims to contribute to the growing body of literature around how feminist mobilisation and political voice leads to progressive policy outcomes.

1 November 2018