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Lidia Cabral

Research Fellow

Lídia is a social scientist with training in development economics, social policy and development studies. She has 15+ years of experience in international development and her work has concentrated on the politics of aid and public policy, particularly in relation to agriculture and rural development in Africa. Her latest research looks at Brazil as a development actor and its influence in shaping agricultural policy and research in Africa.

Lídia started her career as a civil servant with the government of Mozambique, working on aid management, sectoral budgetary planning and public financial management. She then worked as a freelance consultant, a consultant for Oxford Policy Management and as a research fellow at the Overseas Development Institute. She has interacted with a range of public, private and not-for-profit organisations, mostly in African countries and Brazil, including the African Development Bank, FAO, the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, IFAD, NEPAD, the OECD, UNDP-UNEP and several bilateral aid agencies, including DFID, SDC and SIDA.

Lídia is a member of the Future Agricultures network, where she has contributed to research on the political economy of agricultural policy in Africa and Brazil’s engagement in African agriculture. She has co-led the Brazil component of the ESRC-funded research programme China and Brazil in Africa Agriculture. Her research has focused on the discourse politics of Brazilian cooperation policy in relation to agricultural development programmes in Mozambique.

She has published with the following peer-reviewed journals: Development Policy Review, European Journal of Development Research, IDS Bulletin, Globalization and Health, Global Policy Journal, Journal of Agrarian Change and World Development. She has also published extensively with the Overseas Development Institute, Future Agricultures and IDS.

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Unpacking the epic narratives of the Green Revolution

Nearly 50 years since its apex, the Green Revolution – a chapter in history associated with rapid expansion in agricultural production driven by science and technology – retains the power to inspire. In spite of the criticism emphasising its social and environmental costs, there is talk...

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Lidia Cabral & 2 others

26 April 2019



SDC Thematic Working Aid: Agriculture & Food Security

Agriculture remains a major source of livelihoods for the poor around the globe. Up to 800 million people and 78 percent of the poor live in rural areas and rely on agriculture to make a living. Agriculture is key to fight hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition for both rural dwellers and for...

1 January 2019

Journal Article

Perspectives on the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation

IDS Bulletin 49.3

The establishment of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC) created the unique opportunity to bring together and explore synergies between South–South cooperation (SSC) and traditional aid, or North–South cooperation. However, the GPEDC lacks support from both...

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Jing Gu & 3 others

30 July 2018

Lidia Cabral’s recent work


Are China and Brazil transforming African agriculture?

China and Brazil are set to increase their influence in Africa, with the recently launched New Development Bank opening offices in Johannesburg this month and preparing to issue its first loans in April. New research on “China and Brazil in African Agriculture” published in acclaimed...

10 March 2016

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Rising Powers Young Researchers Conference

An excellent opportunity for young researchers to showcase their research, relevant to the political debates that will occur around 2016 being the first year of the Global Goals, the BRICS Summit in India and the G20 Summit in China.

1 March 2016