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Assessing the financial case for workers’ nutrition 

Globally, one in three people suffer from malnutrition causing negative impacts to their lives and those of their families. Malnutrition also affects businesses and economies worldwide as people’s productivity at workplaces are influenced by their health. As such, companies around the world...

22 February 2024


Democracy on trial: Pakistan elections 2024

The Pakistan general elections come at a pivotal time, with the country facing one of its worst-ever economic crises, record-high inflation, tensions with three out of four of its neighbours (Iran, Afghanistan and India) and another ousted ex-prime minister behind bars. In its 76-year...

7 February 2024


IDS Emeritus Fellow appointed Deputy Governor at Central Bank of Chile

IDS Emeritus Fellow, Stephany Griffith-Jones, has been appointed Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Chile starting from 25 January 2024. A well-known economist, specialising in international finance and development, Stephany Griffith-Jones, was first appointed to the board of the Chilean...

2 February 2024


Five themes crucial for recasting development in 2024

Humanitarian systems under strain; the increasing need for rapid – but equitable – climate action; and democracy under threat. These are just a few of the many challenges currently facing the development sector. In its Recasting Development in 2024 event on 31 January, experts from IDS...

1 February 2024


World’s wealthiest want to be taxed more – can this work?

More than 260 billionaires and millionaires called on global leaders to introduce higher taxes for the extremely wealthy in open letter. Entitled Proud to Pay More, officials attending the 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last week were urged to tax “the...

29 January 2024



Livelihood change after land reform: new research from Zimbabwe

At the beginning of each year, I try and catch up on the ever-growing literature on land, agriculture and rural change in Zimbabwe. Each year there seems to be more and more, as the body of work grows based on many research studies, often linked to Masters’ and PhD projects by Zimbabwean...

19 February 2024


Wrapping up the PASTRES programme

This month sees the end of the PASTRES programme. It has been an amazing journey since 2018. We are grateful for the support of the European Research Council through an Advanced Grant, and to our co-hosting institutions, the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex and the...

16 February 2024


Regional perspectives on pastoralism

As the PASTRES programme draws to a close, we reflect on our work between 2018-2023 on the varieties and challenges of pastoralism across different world regions. The core work of the PASTRES programme has been in six countries across three continents (see map). However, the work of affiliates,...

9 February 2024