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National conference to discuss future of farm workers in South Africa

A major conference will bring together farm workers, academics, activists, farmers and government officials to discuss how to tackle the persistent problem of hunger amongst farmworkers in South Africa.  The conference is being hosted by IDS Research Fellow and South Africa-UK Bilateral...

14 October 2019


IDS releases its Annual Review 2019

The Institute of Development Studies has published its Annual Review 2019. The Review presents our progress over the past year and illustrates how we are helping to create more equal and sustainable societies. https://youtu.be/v6Iy7HTh5BE Download the IDS Annual Review 2019 Introducing the...

1 October 2019


Vestibule of Peace: New peacebuilding initiative in Mali launched

The Malian Action-Research Institute for Peace (IMRAP) in partnership with Interpeace, the Institute for Development Studies and Humanity United officially launch their project Vestibule of Peace – A multi-stakeholder initiative for peacebuilding in Mali.  This launch is sponsored by the...

26 September 2019


Researchers express dismay at prize awarded to Narendra Modi

An international group of researchers, led by IDS Professorial Fellow Professor Lyla Mehta have expressed their dismay that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being honoured with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) Goalkeepers Global Goals award, in recognition of the sanitation...

26 September 2019

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2019 Nobel* prize reveals the poverty of economics

The three new Laureates deserve the prize in economics in memory of Alfred Nobel. But the award shows how poor the modern economics discipline is in terms of gender equality, research methods, self-examination, and genuine insight into the lives of the poor. Congratulations are due to the...

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Philip Mader & 3 others

17 October 2019