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Bibliography of 50 years of research on pastoralism

IDS has published a new overview of its research on pastoralism, drawing on work from the last 50 years. The bibliography, compiled by Prof Ian Scoones with assistance from Linda Pappagallo of the PASTRES programme, is available as an online ‘flipbook’ or as a free PDF download. Pastoralism...

19 March 2020


What’s new with the Sanitation Learning Hub?

You may have noticed that the CLTS Knowledge Hub has started calling itself the Sanitation Learning Hub. Why is this? With recently renewed funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), we renamed the organisation to better reflect our now broader approach to...

19 March 2020


Global investment, local struggles

Following the global commodities boom, investment has poured into large-scale extractive, green energy and other resource development projects around the world. Many of these are in the rural margins – places geographically but also politically distant from the centres of economic power. In...

17 March 2020


IDS response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic  by the World Health Organization (WHO) which has urged strong government and community action worldwide.  In response, the Institute of Development of Studies (IDS) has decided to act swiftly to help reduce the spread of the virus, while...

12 March 2020


International Women’s Day – a spotlight on gender and development

This International Women’s Day the theme is ‘an equal world is an enabled world’ and achieving gender equality and gender justice continues to be a global aim under the UN Global Goal 5 and one that cuts across all aspects of international development.  Building on IDS’ 40 year history...

6 March 2020

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Why are women still excluded from public decision-making in Mozambique?

Emerging research from the IDS-led Action for Accountability and Empowerment (A4EA) research programme is finding that – when it comes to linking marginalised households with local forms of authority, in other words taking on a role of intermediation and leadership – men still dominate....

Egídio Chaimite
Lúcio Posse

26 March 2020