Vision & strategy

We want a more equitable and sustainable world, where people everywhere can live their lives free from poverty and injustice.

Our commitments:

  • Upholding climate and environmental justice
  • Reducing extreme inequities
  • Fostering healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Nurturing inclusive, democratic and accountable societies

We will transform the knowledge, action and leadership needed through our world-class research, learning and teaching.

Our priorities:

  1. Collaborate across sciences, sectors and communities to do research that brings progressive change
  2. Build future leadership for development
  3. Champion the use of evidence for social and environmental justice
  4. Work with partners to expand international research and mutual learning networks for development
  5. Create a sustainable, resilient and equitable institution

Read our 2020-25 strategy Transforming Knowledge, Transforming Lives to see how we are responding to to the global disruptions and shocks of our era and seizing opportunities for the work we do with academic, business, civil society, government and philanthropic partners.