Food Equity Centre

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1 July 2021

The Food Equity Centre brings together researchers, policy makers, practitioners and activists to collaborate in developing solutions to inequities in food systems. It addresses the urgent need for research and action towards fairness, justice, and inclusion at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic exposed the scale of food insecurity and structural issues that leaves people in poor food environments more vulnerable to disease and malnutrition.

Transformation through interdisciplinarity

The Food Equity Centre is made up of leading actors in food security and social justice including food systems, nutrition, social protection, food sovereignty and the right to food. Through research, knowledge sharing and mutual learning between countries North and South, it is breaking down silos between researchers, activists and affected communities. The Centre is generating contextualised knowledge and actionable solutions contributing to transformative change that leads to equitable and sustainable food systems globally.

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Why is tackling inequity so important?

In June 2023 IDS released a report entitled Pathways to Equitable Food Systems, which showed how food systems around the world are highly unjust, revealed the drivers of food inequity, and outlined a pathways approach to moving towards a more socially just food system.

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Fruits and Vegetables for Sustainable Healthy Diets (FRESH)

Poor diets are a primary cause of malnutrition and the leading cause of diseases worldwide. Improving diets, including increasing fruit and vegetable intake, could save one in five lives lost annually. Micronutrients and dietary fibre are essential for health; micronutrients from fruit and...

Recent work


Assessing the financial case for workers’ nutrition 

Globally, one in three people suffer from malnutrition causing negative impacts to their lives and those of their families. Malnutrition also affects businesses and economies worldwide as people’s productivity at workplaces are influenced by their health. As such, companies around the world...

22 February 2024

Past Event

Agrobiodiversity Loss: A question of food justice or land justice?

Peasant and indigenous households in Mexico have undergone recursive crises for decades caused by economic, socio-environmental, climatic, political and/or social events, which exacerbated vulnerabilities. The overlapping of these vulnerabilities influences control and rights of inhabitants...

8 February 2024