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Nicholas Nisbett

Cluster Leader Research Fellow

Nicholas Nisbett is a Senior Research Fellow at IDS, where he co-leads the Health and Nutrition Cluster of researchers and teaches on development and nutrition.

His work explores the political economy of nutrition policy and programming in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa and he has published research on national and international nutrition governance and policy processes, community level drivers of nutrition and community accountability. He has led major multi-methods evaluations of nutrition and livelihoods programmes as well as research focused on state, district and local level constraints to implementation of programmes at scale. Prior to joining IDS, Nisbett worked for the UK government, where he led teams on agricultural trade policy; agricultural policy reform and land and marine based natural resource management; and led a major international policy research programme, the Foresight Project on Global Food and Farming Futures. Nisbett has also focused on transformations related to internet use and IT-based employment in India and has published a monograph on middle class youth aspirations in this field: ‘Growing up in the Knowledge Society’

Nicholas Nisbett’s recent work

Journal Article

Understanding the Nourishment of Bodies at the Centre of Food and Health Systems – Systemic, Bodily and New Materialist Perspectives on Nutritional Inequity

Social Science & Medicine

That nutritional inequalities continue to proliferate at a global level requires new insight from all disciplines, given their formation at the intersection of broader inequities in food, health and other systems. This paper argues that critical social scientific perspectives are needed to...

4 March 2019

Journal Article

The Challenges of Institutionalizing Community-Level Social Accountability Mechanisms for Health and Nutrition: a Qualitative Study in Odisha, India

BMC Health Services Research;

Background: India has been at the forefront of innovations around social accountability mechanisms in improving the delivery of public services, including health and nutrition. Yet little is known about how such initiatives are faring now that they are incorporated formally into government...

1 January 2018