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Sussex Development Lectures

Crisis, development and ecologies of the new commons

In response to acute crises and complex, long-term systemic challenges, structural violence, austerity and neglect, people around the world are coming together in commons. Communities of ‘commoners’ are reconfiguring relationships between society, technology and the non-human environment,...

7 December 2022

Upcoming Event

Art, environnement et activisme en Afrique

How can the arts be used in environmental communication and dialogue? We present experiences using arts-led deliberation from across Africa. Citizens, researchers, activists, policy actors, artists and others are welcome. Activists and policy actors in East and West Africa work to tackle...

8 December 2022

Upcoming Event

China’s development policy after the 20th National Congress

Professor Xiaoyun Li is currently a Chair Professor at China Agricultural University (CAU) and Honorary Dean of College of International Development and Global Agriculture (CIDGA). He is also Chair of the Network of Southern Think Tanks (NeST), and Chair of the China International Development...

15 December 2022