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Past Event

Youth employment and political representation in Africa

The population in sub-Saharan Africa is the fastest growing and the youngest in the world, yet the politicians ruling them are typically among the oldest. In some East African countries, the current rulers are yesterday’s rebels. Some have developed a range of authoritarian practices to stay...

24 May 2023

Past Event

Development Studies Week

Did you know that between IDS and our partner the University of Sussex, we provide 29 postgraduate degrees under the theme of international development? This is one of the broadest and most comprehensive programmes of international development Masters courses on offer. Development Studies Week...

28 April 2023

Past Event

Theorising the pathways of participatory interventions

In this Participation, Inclusion and Social Change cluster Seminar we are celebrating our new partnership with Fundacion Paraguaya (the developers of the Poverty Stoplight) and will discuss and share how we develop understandings of participatory processes to work to generate change through...

30 March 2023