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Past Event

Ending pensioner poverty

Older people are often forgotten or overlooked in the ‘money and savings’ conversation. Yet they are the most vulnerable to poverty. By bringing together diverse research, evidence and experience as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science in an exciting panel discussion,...

7 November 2019

Past Event

The global spread of political polarization

Political polarization is tearing at the seams of democracies around the world—from Bangladesh, Brazil, India, and Kenya, to Poland, Turkey, and the United States.  Drawing on his new co-edited volume (with Andrew O’Donohue), Democracies Divided: The Global Challenge of Political...

5 November 2019

Past Event

Exhibition: Hidden Paths

Global climate strikes are calling for ‘system change, not climate change’, but what does this mean? Extreme weather, automation, political instability, inequality: these crises are connected in deep and often invisible ways. Hidden Paths welcomes us inside the troubled systems that we live...

From 16 October 2019 until 20 October 2019

Past Event

The Political Economy of Food

The most recent issue of the flagship IDS publication the IDS Bulletin examines different perspectives on power in food systems, and the web of actors, relationships, activities, and institutions that play a major role in shaping them: The political economy of food. The Bulletin concludes that...

16 October 2019

Past Event

India today – the Hindu right

Salil Shetty is a Senior Fellow at the Carr Centre for Human Rights, Harvard University. He served as Secretary General for Amnesty International from 2010-2018. Before joining Amnesty, he was Director of the UN Millennium Campaign and the Chief Executive for ActionAid. In this talk, Salil...

8 October 2019

Past Event

Conflict, Violence and Development Seminar Series

MACEDA: A new events data set on the self-determination conflict between the Mapuche indigenous group and the Chilean state (1990-2016)

Self-determination (SD) disputes are some of the most common conflicts in the world. While the literature has mainly focused on the most violent conflicts, such as civil wars, recent studies have acknowledged the diversity of strategies adopted by groups within SD movements, and the need for...

7 October 2019