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Past Event

Theorising the pathways of participatory interventions

In this Participation, Inclusion and Social Change cluster Seminar we are celebrating our new partnership with Fundacion Paraguaya (the developers of the Poverty Stoplight) and will discuss and share how we develop understandings of participatory processes to work to generate change through...

30 March 2023

Past Event

Book release: White Saviorism in International Development

White Saviorism in International Development: Theories, Practices and Lived Experiences. Watch now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NsX9iWVyqw There is a growing interest in understanding the meaning, manifestations, analysis and implications of racism in North/South relations. White...

28 March 2023

Past Event

Revisiting the UN Water Conference: 46 years of learning and forgetting?

This event examines the progress and challenges that have shaped water and development from Mar-del- Plata (1977) to the upcoming UN Water Conference in New York City (2023). Speakers will focus on key achievements and missed opportunities, and reflect on what’s proposed at New York in terms...

14 March 2023

Past Event

Healing Justice as a radical approach to African feminist organising

Healing Justice is an emerging political organising framework that addresses the systemic injustice and intergenerational harm experienced by oppressed and marginalised peoples. This seminar presents insights from research that explored its relevance for feminist movement-building in different...

9 March 2023

Past Event

Ways forward for pastoral development and policy

In this online event, we will highlight the policy and practice implications emerging from the discussions at a three-day workshop on ‘Pastoralism, Development and Policy’. These will be discussed by a panel of commentators from different regions of the world, and including policymakers,...

8 March 2023