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Past Event

Tackling Covid-19: Mutual learning between Trinidad and Tobago and Sussex

Join us for a panel discussion on managing the health systems response to Covid-19. The discussion will consist of reflections from Dr Parasram, the Chief Medical Officer of Trinidad and Tobago and Dr Elizabeth Gill, the Chief Medical Officer of Sussex NHS Commissioners, on their local...

19 April 2021

Past Event

Pakistan Hub webinar series

Polarized Democracies: Causes and Consequences

Speaker: Professor James Robinson (University of Chicago)  Moderators: Shandana Khan Mohmand (IDS) and Umair Javed (Lahore University of Management Sciences)  Date: 8th April 2021  Time: 2:30 PM UK The Pakistan Hub, a partnership with the Mahbub ul Haq Research Centre...

8 April 2021

Past Event

Covid-19 and building a better world: crisis or opportunity?

The current global pandemic of Covid-19 is a health and broader crisis of overwhelming proportions, threatening livelihoods, economies, and societies. It particularly affects those already experiencing the greatest vulnerabilities. In putting the lives of millions of people at risk, creating...

29 March 2021

Past Event

Watch: Global perspectives on countering backlash against women in politics

The participation of women in politics at all levels, is crucial for building democratic and inclusive societies in countries of all income levels, faiths and cultures. However, the progress made so far is increasingly being pushed back against, including via off and online abuse and exacerbated...

18 March 2021

Past Event

Navigating civic space in a time of Covid: One year on

The declaration of the Covid pandemic by the World Health Organisation on 11 March 2020 had huge implications, not only for public health. For several years, IDS along with numerous watchdogs, research institutes and activist groups has studied rapid changes in civic space the world over....

11 March 2021