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IDS PhD students share learning around the globe

09 Dec 2016 As part of their study programme, IDS PhD researchers are making the most of the opportunity to learn from academic experts at international events. More details

Rwanda Revenue Authority and ICTD

Innovative Research Helps Rwanda Raise $9m in Tax Revenue

01 Dec 2016 For the first time, a study has been carried out in Africa, generating important research findings and helping to raise an additional $9 million USD in tax revenue for Rwanda. More details

Still from the film Who Cares - Unpaid care work, poverty and women's / girl's human rights

IDS contributes to first High-Level Report on Women’s Economic Empowerment

01 Dec 2016 Unique evidence from IDS and partners incorporated into the first High Level Report on Women’s Economic Empowerment highlights the centrality of unpaid care work to women’s economic empowerment and their opportunities in the world of work. More details
Sustainable Sanitation graphic from Sustainable Sanitation for All book. Credit: Barney Haward

Challenges and opportunities for inclusive and sustainable WASH

30 Nov 2016 CLTS has spread rapidly over the last 16 years and is now present in over 60 different countries. However recent research shows that more thinking and action is needed to ensure that sanitation efforts are sustainable and inclusive. A new book, entitled Sustainable Sanitation for All, examines how CLTS and the WASH sector more generally has and needs to continue to evolve to meet these challenges. More details

Indian man pushes cycle past airline poster advert. Front cover of IDS Bulletin 475, 'Power, Poverty and Inequality'.

New IDS Bulletin examines links between power, poverty and inequality

28 Nov 2016 Power analysis is essential for developing new strategies to tackle poverty and inequality. This new IDS Bulletin ‘Power, Poverty and Inequality’ edited by Marjoke Oosterom and Patta Scott-Villiers, brings together the latest analysis on understanding power and inequality and their links to poverty. More details

The Politics of Sustainability and Development

23 Nov 2016 Details of an academic review of the relationship between politics, sustainability and development by Prof Ian Scoones, drawing on the work of the ESRC STEPS Centre. More details

Still from the film 'Leave No One Behind'

Militaristic responses to urban violence don’t work, new film from slum dwellers argues

23 Nov 2016 Slum dwellers call into question the effectiveness of militaristic responses to urban violence in a new film, ‘No One Left Behind’ produced by IDS and Shack/Slum Dwellers International which will be screened at the United Nations Habitat III Conference. More details

Simple handwashing facility. Credit: SuSanA Secretariat - Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

World Toilet Day: timely reminder of the global sanitation crisis

18 Nov 2016 World Toilet Day aims raise awareness and inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis, which affecting 2.4 billion people around the world. Although commitments clean water and sanitation are enshrined in Sustainable Development Goal 6, the topic often neglected and shrouded in taboos. More details

Image for story about ERAP grant offer

Small Grant offer from the Ebola Response Anthropology Platform

10 Nov 2016 ERAP would like to announce that it will be giving small grants to social science students from the three Ebola-affected countries - Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to support the important fieldwork on topics related to Ebola response or other zoonotic and viral disease hazards. More details

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