Fatema Rajabali, Thematic Convenor, Eldis, Knowledge Services

Fatema Rajabali - Thematic Convenor

The Knowledge Navigator project has developed a web-based interactive tool, called a widget, to guide users through to appropriate climate change websites. It is a joint project between IDS Knowledge Services and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)

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This project is based on the contention that understanding and working with the prevailing political economy is crucial to change the understanding and commitment of decision makers, to improve coordination, collaboration and mobilisation amongst key stakeholders, and to strengthen the institutions and institutional capacity to deliver climate compatible development.

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Front over of Joto Afrika Issue 8 on renewable energy in Africa

Should Africa take the renewable energy path? Joto Afrika 8

Africa needs policies to expand countries’ renewable energy markets – ones that will translate into real benefits for small-scale entrepreneurs and end users. But the biggest challenge is not the limiting policy environment; the real problem is how to move from the micro to the macro. The briefing discusses how climate change is complicating the energy situation in many parts of Africa More details

Disaster risk management and climate change adaptation in South Asia, Protifolon Issue 3. Produced by IDS Knowledge Services and D.net

Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change in South Asia, Protifolon

This brief focuses on how disaster risk management approaches are taking longer term climate change perspectives. The intention is to highlight, through a series of case studies and research summaries, some best practice/management practices implemented in South Asia and offer recommendations for both practitioners and policy makers. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Climate Change; Climate Change Knowledge and Learning; Climate Change Vulnerability and Resilience; Environment.