Photo of Julia Hamaus

Julia Hamaus - Gender Convenor

Gender and Sexuality; Knowledge Mobilisation and Impact
T: +44 (0) 1273 915818

Julia Hamaus no longer works at IDS. She specialised in gender studies and holds an MPhil in peace, conflict and development studies. 

Julia’s work involves research and knowledge mobilisation, supporting gender advocacy and mainstreaming efforts and promoting innovative work with southern partners, particularly in the areas of gender and social movements, women’s public and political participation and men and masculinities. Julia also works on conflict, peace-building and governance issues, convening the Eldis Conflict and Governance resource guides.

Prior to her appointment at IDS, Julia worked as a gender advisor for GIZ in Zambia, working primarily on gender-based violence and access to justice.

Our goal is to enable stronger leadership for working with boys and men to promote gender equality. We will do this by gathering, inter-relating and analysing evidence and lessons. These will be strategically disseminated in targeted and accessible formats for improved learning, policy and practice.

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This is the cover for the BRIDGE Cutting Edge pack on Social Movements.

Bridge Gender and Social Movements Cutting Edge Programme: Stories of Influence

Report (2015)

This story of influence provides an evaluation of the Bridge Gender and Social Movements Cutting Edge Programme carried out under the Sida sponsored Gender, Power and Sexuality programme. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Conflict Violence and Security; Gender; Governance.