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Robin Luckham - Emeritus Fellow

Governance; Conflict and Violence
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Dr Robin Luckham is a political sociologist with over 50 years professional experience, more than 40 at IDS. He began his academic career in Nigeria and Ghana, and has also worked in the USA and Australia.

Since completing his PhD and book on the Nigerian Military Robin has focused much of his work around the seamier aspects of the state, political violence and development. He has a long record of research and publication on the military and militarism, violent conflict, peace and security - as well as on democracy and democratisation, the legal profession and the political economy of law. He is a founding member of the African Security Sector Network (ASSN) and of its Executive Committee. He was formerly Chair of the Global Consortium on Security Transformation (GCST) 2006-8 and of the International Advisory Group of the Global Facilitation Network on Security Sector Reform (GFN-SSR) 2002-7.

Languages: French (working knowledge)

This project for the GIZ considers the specific challenges posed by state fragility in selected countries (Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, Nepal and Bolivia) to inform the agency's development cooperation strategy.

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Front cover of Bulletin 40.2, Transforming Security and Development in an Unequal World

Transforming Security and Development in an Unequal World

IDS Bulletin 40.2 (2009)

Security, like development, is seen as something the North delivers through its policy interventions and aid programmes, rather than as the product of changes in the developing South, reflecting the priorities and interests of those most at risk. More details

This is the front cover to IDS Bulletin 472A, 'States, Markets and Society –
New Relationships for a New Development Era'.

States, Markets and Society – New Relationships for a New Development Era

IDS Bulletin 47.2A (2016)

‘How does change happen?’ and ‘How should change happen and how can it be enabled?’ are key questions analysed in this IDS Bulletin, drawing on the Institute of Development Studies’ reflections on States, Markets and Society as a theme of its 50th Anniversary year. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Hybrid Security Governance in Africa: Rethinking the Foundations of Security, Justice and Legitimate Public Authority

Journal of Conflict, Security & Development 16.1 (2016)

This article asks whether the concept of ‘hybridity’ offers a more convincing account of security governance in Africa than the standard state-focused models. More details


Whose Security? Building Inclusive and Secure Societies in an Unequal and Insecure World

IDS Evidence Report 151 (2015)

Development researchers, governance specialists, security and international relations analysts are cartographers of the modern world. Their job is to untangle the tangled, yet in doing so they all too often make flat all that is high and rolling. More details

IDS publications on international development research

The Two Faces of Security in Hybrid Political Orders: A Framework for Analysis and Research

International Journal of Security & Development 2.2 (2013)

This paper reframes the security and development debate through fresh theoretical lenses, which view security as highly contested both in the realm of politics and in the realm of ideas. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Building Inclusive Secure Societies; Conflict Violence and Security; Governance; Democracy; Politics and Power.

Geographic Expertise:
Sub Saharan Africa; Ghana; Nigeria.