IDS and University of the West Indies build links for future collaboration

Published on 30 April 2018

IDS and the University of the West Indies – Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) – have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during the University’s annual conference on ‘Sustainable Futures for the Caribbean: Critical interventions and the 2030 agenda’.

SALISES mou signing

The conference, held last week, marked the 70th anniversary of the University of the West Indies (UWI) and reflected on historical concerns relevant to the global 2030 sustainable development agenda and the future for the Caribbean region, in a global environment characterized by significant political, social, economic, technological and environmental turbulence.

Sir Arthur Lewis Distinguished Lecture

IDS Director Professor Melissa Leach gave the keynote Sir Arthur Lewis Distinguished Lecture on the topic of ‘Equity in the Anthropocene: Charting transformational pathways to just and sustainable futures’. IDS Researchers Jo Howard and Erika Lopez-Franco also participated, presenting their work on participation and the Sustainable Development Goals at the conference panel on Sustainable Wellbeing.

Mutual commitment to teaching and research

SALISES is a research and graduate teaching entity located within the UWI’s School of Graduate Studies and Research and is a renowned institution for graduate education and research-based solutions in development. With the shared interest in and commitment to teaching and research to inform social and economic development, the signing of the MoU between IDS and SALISES marks the beginning of working closer together to establish collaborative links, supporting learning and developing opportunities for joint work between researchers.

IDS Director Melissa Leach said: “The Sustainable Futures for the Caribbean conference was an important and timely meeting, focusing on the many intertwined challenges currently facing Caribbean islands – from building resilience to the impacts of climate change, to tackling economic stagnation and inequities of many kinds. While these challenges are great, reflecting the region’s particular history and geography as well as the vulnerability of small island developing states, the creativity and commitment of its scholars and practitioners – including many young people – offer inspiration and hope.

I am delighted that IDS has signed an MOU with the University of the West Indies, and look forward to close collaboration into the future on the many topics where we share common interests.”

Photo: ‘Professor Melissa Leach, IDS and Professor Aldrie Henry-Lee, Director, SALISES’

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