IDS releases its Annual Review 2016

Published on 5 October 2016

The Institute of Development Studies has published its Annual Review 2016 – a special one marking our 50th anniversary.

The Annual Review offers readers the opportunity to:

  • Get an overview of our values, strategic goals and approach which includes our distinctive commitment to ‘engaged excellence’ across all that we do.
  • Discover how we are strengthening our strategic partnerships in research and mutual learning, and supporting the next generation of development leaders.
  • Read about our key areas of focus and how we are contributing to transformations that reduce inequalities, accelerate sustainability and build inclusive and secure societies.

Introducing the Annual Review, IDS Director Melisa Leach said:

“One year into our current five-year strategy, and building on our history, we have made active progress against all our strategic goals. Much of our work focuses on our three defining challenges – reducing inequalities, accelerating sustainability and building inclusive, secure societies. […] World events have heightened the relevance of these challenges – seen all too clearly in the effects of dramatically rising inequalities, climate change and conflict-related crises. At the same time global agreements on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals are moving towards implementation. We are engaging actively with these processes, seeking to ensure that vital commitments – such as to ‘leave no one behind’ – are made real.”

Highlights over the past 12 months include:

  • Being awarded the ESRC’s Outstanding International Impact prize for the influential Ebola Response Anthropology Platform (ERAP).
  • A major STEPS Centre conference on Resource Politics: Transforming Pathways to Sustainability
  • Work with DFID Iraq to inform policies to reduce conflict and poverty.

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