IDS releases its Annual Review 2019

Published on 1 October 2019

The Institute of Development Studies has published its Annual Review 2019. The Review presents our progress over the past year and illustrates how we are helping to create more equal and sustainable societies.

Download the IDS Annual Review 2019

Introducing the Annual Review, IDS Director Melissa Leach said:

“During the past year, international development has involved grappling with a series of dramatic social and political shifts. We have seen extreme right-wing populism taking hold in more countries; the US retreating from the global stage while China grows its influence through the Belt and Road Initiative; protest movements such as Extinction Rebellion and Women’s March gathering global momentum despite shrinking civil society spaces; and growing recognition and action on major global challenges from plastics pollution and urbanisation to epidemics and antimicrobial resistance.

IDS’ work continues to bring important new evidence, insights and engagement in this shifting context. Most importantly, our contributions are helping to build an understanding of the political choices and power relations that fundamentally shape transformations towards fairer, more sustainable societies, irrespective of geography – and where necessary, our work is challenging these forces, and supporting alternatives.”

Highlights of IDS work over the past 12 months include:

The Annual Review offers readers the opportunity to:

  • Get an overview of our values, strategic goals and approach which includes our distinctive commitment to ‘engaged excellence’ across all that we do.
  • See concrete examples of how our work is making a difference to debates, policy and practice, and how we are contributing to transformations that reduce inequalities, accelerate sustainability and build inclusive and secure societies.
  • Discover how we are strengthening our global partnerships for research and mutual learning, and supporting the next generation of development leaders.

Download the IDS Annual Review 2019


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