IDS welcomes its largest intake of Development Studies students

Published on 19 September 2016

This September, IDS will welcome our biggest intake ever of students from over forty countries to study one of our seven Masters (MA) courses in international development. For those students embarking on this journey, we have some key information below.

IDS Publications

IDS Researchers produce a huge range of material – including journal articles, research and evidence reportspolicy and rapid response briefings, and working papers – often co-publishing with partner organisations.

As part of IDS’ commitment to making knowledge available and relevant to those who can use it to bring about positive change, the majority of IDS publications and co-publications are freely available to download. You can access them through the IDS Publications page.

In addition, IDS Fellows contribute regularly to the flagship IDS journal, the IDS Bulletin (which was re-launched this year as a gold open access journal). The IDS Bulletin website hosts all Bulletin articles going back to 1968 and is a treasure trove of development theory and practice going back almost 50 years.

Note too that books written by IDS Researchers are available for purchase through our online bookshop.

Get to know your library (and librarians)

One vital resource for students is the institutional research library. As well as providing students with the key texts from reading lists, libraries offer online access to thousands of journal articles as well as friendly, knowledgeable staff.

IDS is home to the British Library for Development Studies (BLDS) which holds the largest collection of literature on economic and social development in Europe. BLDS staff are experts in finding development related information, and offer support through group training, one-to-one help sessions, or ad-hoc advice and assistance. This year, IDS course reading lists are now available online, so students can begin to prepare before coming to IDS.

Go to extra-curricular seminars and lectures

IDS convenes over a 100 seminars and lectures every year. Attending these events is a great way to stay on top of the latest research and real-world issues, beyond the confines of course-work, as well as an opportunity to meet important influential thinkers in the field, and mingle with other students and academic staff.

IDS runs an exciting events programme, open to students, staff, and academics beyond IDS.

The popular Sussex Development Lectures, which are delivered in with a focus on engaging development studies.

IDS Intranet and Yellow Monday

Catch up on our internal news by visiting the IDS Intranet (IDS members only) and subscribing to IDS Yellow Monday.

Get social – online

Social media is a daily experience for most students socialising with one another but also an important way to engage with their teaching institution.

IDS’ multiple social media channels are a rich source of conversation amongst students, former-students, organisational partners, donors and many more; an apt representation of IDS’ vibrant and diverse global community.

With over 48k Twitter followers and just under 170k Facebook fans, IDS social media channels share blogs, videos, news and job adverts, so they are good starting point for all students in development, not just IDS students.

Sign up to our e-alerts

To find out about the latest events, news, publications and research, sign up to our e-alerts.

Stay in touch – join the Alumni Network

For many students, especially post-graduates, studying often leads to strong, new friendships, but with an international student-base, it’s easy for those friendships to wear thin over time and distance.

The IDS Alumni Network meets regularly both online (through Facebook, Twitter and the Alumni blog) and face-to-face, at in-country reunions organised with support from Alumni Ambassadors. As well as providing an opportunity to stay in touch, the network is useful for career development and progression.

More information about studying at IDS or contact [email protected]

And Finally

Enjoy your time here with us and we look forward to meeting you.

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