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Fiona Wilson - Emeritus Fellow

Power and Popular Politics; Governance; Emeritus Fellows


Professor Fiona Wilson's research has ben focused on understanding dynamics of provincial societies, seen in relation to the state and global relations. Earlier work explored changing economies ('clandestine' clothing workshops in Mexico and migration).

Recent work has focused on political violence in Andean Peru and social/political position of new professionals (school teachers) in challenging and reinforcing discrimination rooted in 'race'. This research continues, by focusing on authority, citizenship, networking and 'doing politics' in the context of decentralization policy.

Current research project

Democratising Latin America? A study of social networks and participatory politics in Peru (funded by the Danish Socal Science Research Council, 2006-2009)

Research themes

Development processes over the long run, especially in Latin America; State-formation, nationalism, political culture and citizenship; Social/political movements, inequality, conflict; Critical perspectives on development aid models and practice.

Seminar series for inter-disciplinary discussions on the relationship between research, aid and social justice

More details

IDS publications on international development research

Introduction: citizenship and the messiness of political life

Bulletin of Latin American Research 23.2 (2004)

Thematic Expertise:
Citizenship; Conflict Violence and Security; Governance; Politics and Power.

Geographic Expertise:
Latin America and the Caribbean; Mexico; Peru.