Sussex Development Lectures

The Sussex Development Lecture series is jointly run by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and the School of Global Studies, SPRU and the Centre for International Education based at the University of Sussex.  It is open to students, staff and members of the general public.  

Sussex Development Lecture

The series provides an opportunity to hear leading global thinkers address some of the most pressing development issues such as climate change, what replaces the Millennium Development Goals in 2015, the global financial crisis and much, much more. As well as lectures with eminent speakers we also hold lively panel discussions with leading development thinkers and practitioners.

Recordings of lectures

To make the series as accessible as possible we will be live streaming some of the lectures and audio recording all of the events, so people can watch live or catch up later on the IDS website. 

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Global Justice and Inequality - Forthcoming lectures for Autumn 2014

Fairer World, Greener World: Listening to the Least Developed Countries?

Thursday 23 Oct 2014

In this Sussex Development Lecture IIED Director Camilla Toulmin examines the role of the least developed countries in addressing inequality and sustainability

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What has Development Done for Women in Egypt?

Thursday 30 Oct 2014

In this Sussex Development Lecture Hania Shokalmy examines the role of women in the recent events that have taken place in Egypt, and the broader lessons that can be drawn for gender and development.

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From Development to Transformation: Citizen Engagement and Social Justice

Thursday 6 Nov 2014

In this Sussex Development Lecture IDS Professorial Fellow will how examine how far  citizen participation has helped to address issues of growing economic inequality.

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Gender, Class and the Neoliberal Project

Thursday 13 Nov 2014

In this Sussex Development Lecture, Nancy Lindisfarne and Jonathan Neale will examine how new forms of sexual imagery naturalise new forms of inequality, and how these are are met with new forms of gendered resistance and struggle.

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Prosperity and Development: a discussion on linked futures

Thursday 20 Nov 2014

In this Sussex Development Lecture, Henrietta Moore looks at the urgent need to redefine prosperity and along the way change the way we talk about development.

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Why Greater Equality is a Key to Sustainability

Thursday 27 Nov 2014

This Sussex Development Lecture will be given by Richard Wilkinson, co author of the Spirit Level

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Past Sussex Development Lectures

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Tracking the gender politics of the Millennium Development Goals: From the Millennium Declaration to the post-MDG consultations

Thursday 16 Oct 2014

In this Sussex Development Lecture Professor Naila Kabeer examines the MDGs from a feminist perspective

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Equality, Sustainability, Security: Interlaced challenges in a global development era

Thursday 9 Oct 2014 Watch/Listen Again

In this Sussex Development Lecture, Melissa Leach uses the ebola crisis as a lens to talk about a new integrated approach to addressing issues of equality, sustainability and security.

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Framing Development: From Assistance to Global Justice

Thursday 2 Oct 2014 Watch/Listen Again

In this Sussex Development Lecture, Professor Andrea Cornwall discusses the changing framing of development

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The effects of religious fundamentalism in developing countries

Thursday 22 May 2014

Emeritus Professor at Utrectht University and former IDS fellow and Academic Director, Emanuel de Kadt reflects on the influence of religion and religious organisations on development.

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The Global Development Crisis and the Possibilities of Labour-Centred Development

Thursday 13 Mar 2014 Watch/Listen Again

Dr Ben Selwyn examines the concept of labour-centred development as an alternative to the current model of development which seeks to integrate the poor into the global capitalist system

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India's Malnutrition Puzzles: What are they and why they should not be a distraction from action

Thursday 6 Mar 2014 Watch/Listen Again

IDS Director, Lawrence Haddad, examines the persistent challenge of malnutrition in India and assesses what more can be done to effectively tackle the challenge.

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Popular Representations of Development: Insights from Novels, Films, Television and Social Media

Tuesday 21 Jan 2014 Watch/Listen Again

Sussex Development Lecture by Michael Woolcock, Harvard Kennedy School and World Bank

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Democracy in danger: The rise of illegitimate authority

Thursday 5 Dec 2013 Watch/Listen Again

Susan George explores ideas from her new book How to Win the Class War.

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Inequality and Gresham’s Law: Does the bad drive out the good?

Thursday 28 Nov 2013 Watch/Listen Again

In this lecture co-architect of the original MDGs, Jan Vandemoortele, examines whether addressing inequalities must take priority over poverty reduction.

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Economic Policy and Social Movements in Brazil: From the Neoliberal Transition to the Events of June 2013

Thursday 21 Nov 2013 Watch/Listen Again

Alfredo Saad-Filho willl examine the recent protest movements in Brazil

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