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The Sussex Development Lecture series is an opportunity to hear from leading global thinkers on development. It is jointly run by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), the School of Global Studies and the Centre for International Education based at the University of Sussex and open to students, staff and members of the general public.

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Spring 2018: The Humanitarian-Development Nexus

The Sussex Development Lecture series for Spring 2018 focuses on the past, present and future relationship between humanitarian aid, and long-term development.

Achieving meaningful impacts in a global context of fragile states, conflict, environmental disasters and other acute and interconnected vulnerabilities, increasingly demands coordinated efforts by humanitarian and development actors. This is especially apparent regarding the Sustainable Development Goals, where hard-won progress can be slowed or even reversed as a result of crises and disasters. In fragile states and protracted conflicts - where the majority of the world’s poor live - the lines between development and humanitarian work are also increasingly blurred.

While there is talk of a ‘humanitarian-development nexus’, efforts towards bridging the humanitarian-development divide often remain disparate, shaped by different principles, philosophies, cultures, attitudes and mind sets, and involving complex politics

This series of lectures and panel discussions will convene senior humanitarian and development leaders, practitioners and academics to cast critical light on the shifting relationships between humanitarian aid and development, and explore how they can work better together.

Recordings of lectures

To make the series as accessible as possible we will be filming and live streaming each lecture. You can watch live on the IDS Facebook page and all recordings will be made available afterwards on the IDS website event pages.

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Past events

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Beyond the traditional humanitarian aid model

24 May 2018

In this Sussex Development Lecture Thea Hilhorst will discuss these paradigms and the different images they evoke about crises, local institutions and the recipients of aid.

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Kate Osamor MP Sussex Development Lecture

10 May 2018

Kate Osamor MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, will give a Sussex Development Lecture as part of the Spring 2018 series on humanitarian aid development.

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Humanitarianism under stress – meeting the challenge, strengthening the architecture and reviving the rules

26 Apr 2018

The international humanitarian system plays a critical role in development – but the system is operating under unprecedented stress. Armed conflict, climate risk, and insecurity have contributed to record levels of displacement.

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The Humanitarian Border: Aid and Development as tools to prevent migration

19 Apr 2018

In recent years crisis thinking associated with international migration has motivated a political re-evaluation of well supported elements of the relationship between migration and development.

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Bridging the Humanitarian-Development Divide

12 Apr 2018

How can humanitarian aid workers and development actors work better together to achieve the SDGs?

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A post-imperial lens on displacement and development in the Middle East

22 Mar 2018

Imperial encounters with multiculturalism and ethnic diversity characterized the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires as well as the colonies that were ruled by European empires

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On Babies and Bathwater: Decolonising International Development Studies

07 Dec 2017

In this Sussex Development Lecture, Dr. Rutazibwa offers a conversation between personal experiences, reflections and decolonial scholarship to reflect on the fundamental, practical, institutional and epistemological implications of recognising the coloniality in the international development project.

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Decolonisation and Transformation of Higher Education in South Africa: The Case of Rhodes University

23 Nov 2017 Watch/Listen Again

Professor Robert van Niekerk from Rhodes University will deliver this Sussex Developement Lecture on Decolonistion and Transformation of Higher Education in South Africa.

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Decolonising Gender and Development

09 Nov 2017 Watch/Listen Again

Andrea Cornwall, Professor of Anthropology and International Development and head of the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex, will deliver this Sussex Development Lecture on Decolonising Development.

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Misunderstanding Modernity: The Social Scientific Neglect of Colonialism

26 Oct 2017 Watch/Listen Again

Professor Gurminder K Bhambra will address our commonly held misunderstandings of modernity and discuss how an adequate address of colonialism would require us to rethink our standard assumptions of the modern world and disciplinary responses to it.

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