Sussex Development Lectures

The Sussex Development Lecture series is an opportunity to hear from leading global thinkers on development. It is jointly run by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), the School of Global Studies, SPRU and the Centre for International Education based at the University of Sussex and open to students, staff and members of the general public.

Sussex Development Lecture

We live in a fast changing world. Old certainties are dissolving in the face of unprecedented challenges. New configurations of power and influence are emerging. What are the challenges we now face in not only understanding these changes, but in engaging to generate knowledge that can make a difference in addressing global inequalities and injustice? These lectures explore some of the methodological, ethical and political challenges of engaged development studies. 

Please note

All lectures start at 17:00 prompt at the University of Sussex (please see indivual event listings for lecture theatre information).

Recordings of lectures

To make the series as accessible as possible we will be live streaming or filming the lectures where possible and audio recording all lectures. All recordings will be made available via the IDS website. 

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Past events

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Sustainable Development Goal 4 Education - Necessary Ambition or Misplaced Folly?

05 May 2016

Dr Jordon Naidoo, Director Education for All, UNESCO delivers a Sussex Development Lecture examining the Sustainable Development Goal on Education, the critique of expanded ambition in education, and why despite the potential barriers ambition is necessary.

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Organisational Transformation with a Feminist Lens

14 Apr 2016

Aruba Rao and Joanne Sandler on their work as scholar-activists and activist research that can change how organisations address issues of gender. 

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Research and knowledge at DFID: what role for evidence in the new aid strategy?

15 Mar 2016 Watch/Listen Again

Professor Charlotte Watts, Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department for International Development to deliver a Sussex Development Lecture. 

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Navigating Complexity in International Development: Facilitating Sustainable Change at Scale

03 Mar 2016

Professor Danny Burns delivers a Sussex Development Lecture on topics examined in his new book Navigating Complexity in International Development.

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Knowledge Production in Africa: gender dilemmas, challenges, possibilities

18 Feb 2016

Signe Arnfred from the Institute of Society and Globalization, Roskilde University delivers a Sussex Development Lecture on knowledge production in Africa and gender.

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Engaged Scholarship and Knowledge Democracy: Re-inventing Community-based Participatory Research

01 Dec 2015

Rajesh Tandon, Founder-President, PRIA on new approaches to community-based participatory research.

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Learning from Changing ‘life worlds’: Doing Research on Gender, Environment, Community, Self

12 Nov 2015

Dr Wendy Harcourt on her on-going research and engagement in the changing values and livelihoods of Bolsena, Italy in a theoretical and reflective exploration of environment, community and self.

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Learning Matters for Development: What is Left of the Millennium Development Goals and What is Right for Sustainable Development?

22 Oct 2015

Professor Keith M Lewin reviews progress and identifies the opportunities that will shape educational development through to 2030 and beyond under the new U.N. framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Results and Transformational Development: What Needs to Change?

15 Oct 2015

Alison Evans, Chief Commissioner at the Independent Commission for Aid Impact joins Rosalind Eyben to discuss the results agenda and its impact on the effectiveness on UKAid. 

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Inequality - What can be done?

09 Apr 2015 Watch/Listen Again

The Lecture proposes ambitious new policies in a range of areas: technology, employment, social security, the sharing of capital, and taxation. It seeks to defend these proposals against the common arguments: that intervention will shrink the economy, that globalization makes action impossible, and that new policies cannot be afforded.

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