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CLTS in the Solomon Islands – the word is spreading…

29 Sep 2016
The Solomon Islands has a reputation for being laid back and the smiling, barefooted airlines hostess that greets me at the grassy strip formerly known as Fera Airport, in Isabel Province, portrays this in typical fashion.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Will white farmers in Zambia feed Zimbabwe?

By Ian Scoones
26 Sep 2016
The El Niño drought has hit southern Africa hard. Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and seven provinces in South Africa have announced emergencies. Coming on the back of a bad season last year, the food situation across the region is dire.

Samir Khan

Matasa Fellows bring New Thinking to Youth Employment Challenges

By Samir Khan
23 Sep 2016
Samir Khan from the Mastercard Foundation reflects on the first meeting of the Matasa Fellows Network and it's ultimate goal to make a contribution to policy discussions about youth employment within countries and across Africa.

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Goodbye Bake Off - hello international programmes for everyone

By James Georgalakis
22 Sep 2016
Even if you are still reeling over the Great British Bake Off going to Channel 4 at least you can be proud of the BBC’s commitment to international programming

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Pedagogy before technology?

21 Sep 2016
To implement online learning, we need a technology platform. However, without the knowledge of pedagogy, implementing e-learning is like being on a ship on the ocean without a captain.

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Fostering competencies in interactive online learning

21 Sep 2016
About 7 faculty members from the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS), attended a 2 day workshop on teaching and learning assessment at Strathmore University in July.

Photo of Melissa Leach, IDS Director

Why we must act now on inequalities

By Melissa Leach
21 Sep 2016
After decades of neglect, inequality has risen to the top of public and policy agendas. To address it we urgently need a new approach that is much more interdisciplinary, pluralistic in its methods, multi-scaled and globally inclusive than we see today.

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Agricultural revolutions then and now

21 Sep 2016
Michael Loevinsohn blogs about the challenges facing small pig farmers in Myanmar as they meet the pressures of a growing urban population.

Photo of Kelly Shephard, IDS Knowledge Services

Greater collaboration on open data critical to end world hunger

By Kelly Shephard
19 Sep 2016
IDS's Kelly Shephard reports back from the GODAN 2016 Summit.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Food security in Zimbabwe: why a more sophisticated response is needed

By Ian Scoones
19 Sep 2016
The food security situation in Zimbabwe is serious. El Niño has struck hard and production levels this past season were well down. The UN estimates that in Zimbabwe alone 4.1 million people will be in need of support before the next season.

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John Macgrath, Programme Researcher, Oxfam

Precarious Lives: Food, Work and Care after the Global Food Crisis

By John Macgrath
31 Aug 2016
New IDS/Oxfam report, “Precarious Lives: Food, Work and Care after the Global Food Crisis”, says that though global food price volatility has diminished, the prices that people pay for their food have remained high, demanding a bigger portion of incomes.

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Sustainable energy access as adaptation and mitigation?

30 Aug 2016
Earlier this year, IDS convened a one day meeting of scholars to discuss the emerging field of the politics of climate change adaptation.

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STEPS at the Royal Geographical Society conference

30 Aug 2016
STEPS co-director Andy Stirling is the keynote speaker at the Royal Geographical Society annual conference this week. This year's conference focuses on 'nexus thinking'.

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Responsibility and geoengineering in the Anthropocene

26 Aug 2016
As the Anthropocene Working Group debate the start date of a new geological era, Jack Stilgoe asks what the Anthropocene means for how science takes responsibility for the climate.

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Beyond swachhta, with women's empowerment: Mandi Vikas Abhiyaan

18 Aug 2016
Sandeep Kadam, DC Mandi, again demonstrates the criticality of district leadership for change. A district already declared open defecation free, Sandeep has not only continued the momentum, but reenergised it by activating mahila mandals (women groups) across his district.

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People make systems and systems people: Swachh Madhya Pradesh campaign

18 Aug 2016
Prior to launch of Swachh Bharat, Ajit Tiwari was working as BDO of Budhni block in Sehore district, and was exposed to CLTS training. He says everyday he went to the training thinking that he would attend that day only if he found it useful and ended up attending all five days.

Image of Hannah Hudson

Why integrating informal institutions in local governance matters

By Hannah Hudson
18 Aug 2016
There are many ways through which public authority is exercised by other actors than the state. New research by Shandana Khan Mohmand and Snezana Misic Mihajlovic expands our understanding of how informal institutions work and their impact on local governance.

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Digital fabrication. Whose industrial revolution?

17 Aug 2016
As the Society for Social Studies of Science & EASST build up to their annual meeting in Barcelona next month, the 4S blog is featuring preview pieces by participants.

Photo of Naomi Hossain, IDS Research Fellow

Obama’s Global Food Security Act:a new global politics of provisions?

By Naomi Hossain
15 Aug 2016
Obama’s answer to the threat of food crisis is mainly more markets. But it is increasingly clear that market integration needs to come with greater protections for when those markets (inevitably) fail.

Photo of John Gaventa

Can Participation ‘Fix’ Inequality?

By John Gaventa, Alison Mathie
12 Aug 2016
John Gaventa and Alison Mathie of the Coady International Institute explore links between economic and political action and addressing inequality.

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