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Women queueing to vote in Pakistan. Credit - tbc

Women’s votes matter: unpacking gender politics in Pakistan

By Ali Cheema, Asad Liaqat, Shandana Mohmand
20 Jul 2017
The gender gap in electoral participation and in party engagement with voters as well as the lack of autonomy exercised by women when they do vote are some of the tough challenges facing emerging democracies, such as Pakistan.

Denise Namburete

Towards accountability for health equity

By Denise Namburete, Vera Coelho, Alex Shankland, Gerry Bloom
18 Jul 2017
The Sustainable Development Goals set out an ambitious agenda to achieve universal health coverage – and the WHO has made it a priority for Africa - but how will this goal be reached when we have seen the continued failure to reach those who need it most?

A new land administration system for Zimbabwe

By Ian Scoones
17 Jul 2017
The Zimbabwe Land Commission, established as a result of the new national Constitution, has a major task ahead of it. It is vital that an independent Commission looks at the range of land issues argues Ian Scoones in his latest blog post.

Photo of Ian Scoones, Research Fellow

3Ps for global disease challenges: how to build fruitful conversations

By Ian Scoones
13 Jul 2017
How can the One Health approach be understood? Linking human, animal and ecosystem health, with a focus on poverty and livelihoods, is easy to proclaim. It is much less easy to do. Ian Scoones explores this question in the BioMed Centre Blog.

The complexities of Chinese and Indian success

By Samuel Sharp
12 Jul 2017
IDS student Sam Sharp summarises lecture by Professor Jayati Ghosh on the complexities of the success of China and India.

Photo of Jim Sumberg, Research Fellow with the Knowledge Technology and Society Team

Agricultural commercialisation – where it’s hot and where it’s not

By Jim Sumberg
12 Jul 2017
Greater agricultural commercialisation, through engagement with value chains, is seen by many as the only viable way forward for small-scale farmers in Africa. But how is commercialisation supposed to change rural young people’s opportunities?

Luiz Eduardo Fonseca

Has politics shaped the terms ‘accountability’ and ‘participation’?

By Luiz Eduardo Fonseca
11 Jul 2017
Luiz Eduardo Fonseca reflects on the role of language in shaping the politics of health in Brazil.

Graffiti of politics in Kenya, taken in 2012. Credit: CHMoss - Flickr

Political settlements again: unsettle, undo or ditch?

By Mariz Tadros, Jeremy Allouche
10 Jul 2017
Is it time to send the concept of “political settlements” to the dustbin of passé development fashion fads and jargons? A new volume of Conflict, Security and Development journal argues it's time to re-appropriate the concept.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Getting agriculture moving: finance and credit

By Ian Scoones
10 Jul 2017
Getting the agricultural sector financed is a key challenge in Zimbabwe, and links to land administration challenges as discussed in other blogs in this Zimbabweland blog series. Ian Scoones explores some of these challenges in this blog post.

Rachael Taylor, partner on Transitions to Agroecology project.

Using agroecology to oppose neo-colonialism

By Rachael Taylor
07 Jul 2017
Findings from the Transitions to Agroecological Food Systems project, which is investigating potential pathways to more sustainable food systems through agroecology.

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This is the image for the news article on China in Africa.

Africa's engagement with China and the G20

By Emilie Wilson
30 Jun 2017
As the world’s most powerful nations prepare to gather at the G20 meeting in Germany, researchers at IDS have been exploring the opportunities and challenges for developing economies in engaging with developed countries.

Photo of Ayako Ebata, Post Doctoral Researcher, Health and Nutrition research cluster

Why will no one listen to the pig farmers of Yangon?

By Ayako Ebata
30 Jun 2017
As the G20 gather and revisit global pandemics, Ayako Ebata asks why world leaders are not spending more time addressing the concerns of those whose lives are quietly devastated on a daily basis.

Fruit and spice market in Kerala

How Kerala is making the transition towards healthy, home-grown food

30 Jun 2017
In response to concerns about toxic pesticides and food insecurity, people in Kerala are transforming the way they grow food. Rooftops, gardens and small plots are being used for agroecological farming. The approach is being reflected in government policy too.

Photo of Jim Sumberg, Research Fellow with the Knowledge Technology and Society Team

Is 'mind-set change' the new frontier for Africa’s youth?

By Jim Sumberg
29 Jun 2017
Many programmes are explicit identifying young people’s ‘mind-set’ as the problem is finding employment, but Jim Sumberg asks if is the right path to identify the mind-set of young people as the problem, and mind-set change offered as the solution?

Providing food vouchers in Lebanon to Syrian refugees. Wafa gives her 2-year-old daughter and her husband some of the bread, olives and humus she bought earlier today with her vouchers. Credit: Photo credit: WFP/Rein Skullerud. European Commission DG ECHO's photostream on Flickr.

Participatory research for gender mainstreaming in humanitarian crises

By Pauline Oosterhoff
28 Jun 2017
How participatory action learning is helping World Food Programme staff make their programmes more gender sensitive while supporting Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Members of the farmers’ jury explore some of the challenges facing a transition to agroecology in Casamance, Senegal

Supporting farmers to create pathways for learning on agroecology

By Rachael Taylor
26 Jun 2017
Reflections on the different forms of learning that are arising from a project in Senegal involving farmers who identified agroecology as part of their past and future .

Zimbabwe Myths and Realities Video Still, September 2011

Confronting authoritarian populism: a new initiative

By Ian Scoones
26 Jun 2017
Ian Scoones blogs about the open access ‘think-piece’ in a Journal of Peasant Studies Forum series on Authoritarian Populism in the Rural World.

Santiago Ripoll

Whose problem? Fixing our food systems

By Santiago Ripoll
22 Jun 2017
You’ve heard it all before. Our food system is flawed, or more accurately, doomed. Santiago Ripoll argues that it is collective action not individual action that will fix our food system.

IDS in the news

Africa: China's ambitious test ground

By Jing Gu
21 Jun 2017
Jing Gu

Upper Grenfell Tower 
Part of Grenfell Tower, after the tragic fire, as seen from near Notting Hill Methodist Church, London. June 16, 2017.
Credit: ChiralJon on Flickr

Globally, the fires of inequality rage on

By Jaideep Gupte
20 Jun 2017
The fire at Grenfell Tower in London brings home the deep inequalities and class struggle that underwrite the global housing crisis.

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