What will the inauguration of President Trump bring to Africa?

By Ian Scoones
16 Jan 2017
Later this week Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president of the US. There has been much speculation about his foreign policy position, assuming oil industry boss, Rex Tillerson, is confirmed as Secretary of State.

Mass meeting on Jammie Plaza,University of Cape Town Upper Campus on 22 October 2015. Credit: Tony Carr - Flickr

Davos should look at why young people struggle to find work

By Philip Mader
11 Jan 2017
As the global elite convenes in Davos next week, one topic high on the agenda will be the future of work. Youth unemployment is a key development challenge, but what young people lack is not the right skills or mindset, it's decent work.

Photo of Natalia Herbst

Sex, Rights and Pleasure: become part of the solution to revenge porn

By Natalia Herbst
11 Jan 2017
Natalia Herbst explains 'revenge porn' and urges us to join students and experts in an exciting initiative to address this global development challenge.

Raphie Kaplinsky Emeritus Fellow

Raphael Kaplinsky reflects on remarkable life of Rok Ajulu

By Raphael Kaplinsky
10 Jan 2017
IDS Emeritus Fellow Raphael Kaplinksy reflects on remarkable life of Professor Rok Ajulu.

How persistent myths distort policy debate on land in Zimbabwe

By Ian Scoones
09 Jan 2017
In 2010 we published the book, Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities. In the book, we chose 5 recurrent 'myths' often relayed about the post-2000 land reform, both in academic and popular commentary.

Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability Centre logo

Mozambique: From remunicipalisation to reprivatisation of water?

06 Jan 2017
After widespread privatisation in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, many water services around the world began to be transferred back into public control. This 'remunicipalisation' has been welcomed by the Transnational Institute and like-minded organisations, who suggest that 'remunicipalisation is here to stay'.

Jessica Meeker is the Nutrition Convenor, Knowledge Services

Change starts from within: how can we maximise research impact?

By Jessica Meeker
05 Jan 2017
Jess Meeker reflects on LANSA's experience on looking inwards to maximise research capacity.

Photo of Pedro Prieto Martin, Research Officer, Digital and Technology research cluster

On doing the right thing right

By Pedro Prieto Martin
04 Jan 2017
If your project assumptions and plans prove to be wrong... how do you know which are the right things to do? Then, how do you make sure you do them right? In the context of tech for transparency and accountability (T4T&A) initiatives, this is not an easy task.
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With the BRICS Family - leaders of South Africa, China, India, Russia and Brazil at the 8th BRICS Summit in India. Credit: Modi - Flickr

The BRICS role in today’s multipolar world

By Richard Carey
22 Dec 2016
With 2017 likely to see ongoing uncertainty as a result of protracted BREXIT negotiations and unpredictable US foreign policy under Trump, the coherence of the BRICS bloc, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will be put to the test.

Photo of Pauline Oosterhoff, Research Fellow, Participation Power and Social Change

Can porn be a positive for sex education?

By Pauline Oosterhoff
21 Dec 2016
Educators should work with porn providers to see if and how they can use the power of porn to communicate comprehensive sex education.

Implementation of CLTS in Raipur District: ‘Bhaichara’ Modelm

21 Dec 2016
Sustainable Sanitation at scale and saturation can be achieved only by way of CLTS. Community Participation is the key and behavior change is most crucial aspect. ODF is first step; #ODF 2.0 is the next logical walk.

Zimbabweland’s festive 20 – 2016 edition

By Ian Scoones
19 Dec 2016
I've recently returned from Zimbabwe, visiting our research sites in Mvurwi, Matobo and Masvingo. Many people in the dryland communal areas in the south of the country are relying on handouts, but at the same time are busy preparing their fields for the new season.

Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability Centre logo

Why local land matters for sustainable food systems

16 Dec 2016
Land presents both challenges and opportunities for establishing sustainable food systems. That is one of the learning points from a workshop in Brighton on 7 December 2016.

Ram Niwas Arya, an IDS alumnus (MPhil Development Studies, 2002-04)

Can the Shakespearean drama of the BRICS avoid being a tragedy?

By Ram Niwas Arya
16 Dec 2016
With economic decline and domestic turbulence in some of the BRICS countries, can they continue to exert influence on the global stage?

Richard Longhurst weighing head loads of harvested sorghum to assess grain production in the north of Nigeria, 1976

Fast forwarding from 1966: a personal odyssey

By Richard Longhurst
15 Dec 2016
Richard Longhurst takes the opportunity of IDS' 50th anniversary to reflect on his own personal odyssey.

Donald Trump at a pre-election rally in Arizona, March 2016. Credit: Gage Skidmore - Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Delegative Trumpocracy

By Andrés Mejía Acosta
14 Dec 2016
Trump’s recent election suggests that delegative democracies - where leaders with a strong electoral mandate ultimately undermine democracy - are no longer an exclusive product of the global South.

Patrick Schroeder, Research Fellow with the Green Transformations research cluster at IDS

Will solar PV create a wave of toxic battery waste in rural Africa?

By Patrick Schroeder
13 Dec 2016
Promoting solar photovoltaic (PV) off-grid solutions for poor rural areas without access to electricity is a good thing. However, there are problems associated with waste produced from lead-acid battery disposal.

Photo of Robert Chambers

Time to talk about love, trust and respect in development

By Robert Chambers
12 Dec 2016
New words keep on being invented and becoming current in development discourse. Some, like heteronormativity and intersectionality, are long combinations of Greek or Latin and their meanings have to be learnt the first time you hear them. Interrogating their roots can lead to misunderstanding.

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