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IMF Development Committee Meeting 2012. Flickr IMF.

SDGs and the South-South cooperation opportunity: the road to BAPA+40

By Alvaro Moreira
20 Sep 2017
To avoid missed opportunities on the road to BAPA+40 policymakers and practitioners must challenge traditional patterns of development cooperation and shape new types of relationships that enable more effective South-South cooperation.

Stefan Swartling Peterson, Chief of Health, UNICEF

Racing the clock to save mothers and protect newborns in Uganda

By Stefan Swartling Peterson
19 Sep 2017
Stefan Swartling Peterson reflects on a four-year project led by Makerere University, with support from UNICEF, Future Health Systems and others in reducing critical delays in access to healthcare for pregnant women and mothers.

Photo of Jim Sumberg, Research Fellow with the Knowledge Technology and Society Team

‘Decent enough work’ - Should Africa’s youth hope for more?

By Jim Sumberg
18 Sep 2017
Is 'decent' work enough? Jim Sumberg and colleagues ask if decent work is a fair or satisfactory aspiration for Africa's youth.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Is Zimbabwe food secure this year?

By Ian Scoones
18 Sep 2017
A bumper harvest has meant that Zimbabwe is largely food secure this season, but without greater resilience in the agri-food system, this new success is fragile, warns Ian Scoones.

Photo of Jodie Thorpe, Globalisation research fellow

Can a market systems approach ‘leave no one behind’?

By Jodie Thorpe
17 Sep 2017
This blog explores the particular opportunities and barriers of employing a ‘market systems’ approach to reach highly marginalised men and women.

Belt and Road Forum sign at bus stop

How will China’s Belt and Road shape global health cooperation?

By Lewis Husain, Gerry Bloom
15 Sep 2017
The jury is still out on how far China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI) will reshape the way we see the world. Our view is that it will have a significant impact in many areas, one of these is advancing cooperation for global health.

Tweaking or transforming? Dancing around power and accountability

By Godelieve van Heteren, David Clarke, Maryam Bigdeli
13 Sep 2017
Godelieve van Heteren, David Clarke and Maryam Bigdeli reflect on the debate that took place at the recent Accountabilty for Health Equity Conference and how this feeds into the newly launch Health Systems Governance Collaborative.

Photo of James Georgalakis

Do we need knowledge advocacy for humanitarian crisis?

By James Georgalakis
12 Sep 2017
I was fortunate to participate recently in the Research for Health in Humanitarian Crisis (r2hc) event in London. It brought together an impressive range of academics and INGOs doing research designed to save lives in the most challenging circumstances.

Photo of Keetie Roelen, Research Fellow in the Centre for Social Protection, IDS

Is there such a thing as ‘good shame’ or ‘positive shaming’?

By Keetie Roelen
12 Sep 2017
Keetie Roelen blogs on the reinforcing cycle of poverty, policy and shame. She reflects on some deep discussions around shame and poverty at the recent Human Development and Capabilities Association (HDCA) conference in Cape Town.

Photo of Jackie Shaw, Research Fellow in the Participation research cluster

Building Pathways to Inclusion for India’s Denotified Tribes

By Jackie Shaw
07 Sep 2017
Praxis and researchers from the IDS-led Participate Initiative have been working with India’s denotified tribes (DNTs) to challenge discrimination. Jackie Shaw reflects on how power dynamics within diverse group processes enable and constrain outcomes.

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Seun Akinyemi, Research Associate, Enough is Enough

Can Buhari’s Whistle-Blowers’ Policy stem corruption in Nigeria?

By Seun Akinyemi
29 Aug 2017
The prevalence of corruption in Nigeria's public and private sectors is the bane of development in the country. Can President Buhari’s recently introduced Whistle-Blower Policy set the country on the right path?

crowded Kenya election rally 2017

Kenya Election Violence and the Police Response

By Brian Kimari
22 Aug 2017
The recent elections in Kenya raised tensions both nationally and internationally. How did local police and politicians respond?

Kenya polling queues 2013. Credit: USAID on Flickr

Using social media for monitoring violence in Kenya’s elections

By Caitriona Dowd
18 Aug 2017
On the 8 August, Kenyans once again went to the polls. Amidst fears of election violence, voting took place throughout the country. Caitriona Dowd asks if there a role that social media and digital technology could play in monitoring insecurity?

Painting of climate change by Mr. Fadel Ikram, Indonesia - One of the winners of the ASEAN and SAARC drawing competition for 2011.

World Humanitarian Day: Are we really ready for climate change?

By Siri Eriksen
18 Aug 2017
On World Humanitarian Day, we are reminded that there are people living at the precipice of crisis in need of urgent support. Siri Eriksen calls for humanitarian and climate adaptation sectors to link up to prepare for future crises.

Jayne Lambrou - NMBU

Humanitarian Policy and Practice in a Changing Climate

By Jayne Lambrou
11 Aug 2017
Jayne Lambrou, NMBU, writes and presents a variety of interviews with contributors to IDS' latest bulletin on Courting catastrophe? Humanitarian Policy and Practice in a Changing Climate

Photo of Jo Howard, Research Fellow in the IDS Participation cluster

Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals from the community level

By Jo Howard, Tom Thomas
07 Aug 2017
The 2017 HLPF theme is "Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world". We were pleased to attend since finding inclusive ways of making governments accountable for the SDGs is central to our work on building sustainable inclusion.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

The 20 top Zimbabweland blogs of 2017, so far!

By Ian Scoones
07 Aug 2017
Ian Scoones reflects on the top 20 blog posts from this year in Zimbabweland

Much Ado About Impact?

By James Georgalakis
04 Aug 2017
How does research and knowledge impact on attitudes, behaviours, policy and practice? Whether you are a researcher, development studies student, NGO campaigner, policy wonk or research donor, here are some links that I’d recommend on this subject.

Jonathan Fox Director Accountability Research Center.

History and language: keywords for health and accountability

By Jonathan Fox
04 Aug 2017
Jonathan Fox argues that we need to be aware of how accountability terms can and have been politically constructed, and encourages us to search for terms that do a better job of communicating the key steps on the path to accountability-building.

Photo of Pauline Oosterhoff, Research Fellow, Participation Power and Social Change

Tackling health loans and modern slavery as a community in Bihar, India

By Pauline Oosterhoff
01 Aug 2017
How a participatory action research project in Bihar is supporting villagers to change their health behaviours and in doing so reduce risks of entering into bonded labour.

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