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Beyond swachhta, with women's empowerment: Mandi Vikas Abhiyaan

18 Aug 2016
Sandeep Kadam, DC Mandi, again demonstrates the criticality of district leadership for change. A district already declared open defecation free, Sandeep has not only continued the momentum, but reenergised it by activating mahila mandals (women groups) across his district.

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People make systems and systems people: Swachh Madhya Pradesh campaign

18 Aug 2016
Prior to launch of Swachh Bharat, Ajit Tiwari was working as BDO of Budhni block in Sehore district, and was exposed to CLTS training. He says everyday he went to the training thinking that he would attend that day only if he found it useful and ended up attending all five days.

Image of Hannah Hudson

Why integrating informal institutions in local governance matters

By Hannah Hudson
18 Aug 2016
There are many ways through which public authority is exercised by other actors than the state. New research by Shandana Khan Mohmand and Snezana Misic Mihajlovic expands our understanding of how informal institutions work and their impact on local governance.

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Digital fabrication. Whose industrial revolution?

17 Aug 2016
As the Society for Social Studies of Science & EASST build up to their annual meeting in Barcelona next month, the 4S blog is featuring preview pieces by participants.

Photo of Naomi Hossain, IDS Research Fellow

Obama’s Global Food Security Act:a new global politics of provisions?

By Naomi Hossain
15 Aug 2016
Obama’s answer to the threat of food crisis is mainly more markets. But it is increasingly clear that market integration needs to come with greater protections for when those markets (inevitably) fail.

Photo of John Gaventa

Can Participation ‘Fix’ Inequality?

By John Gaventa, Alison Mathie
12 Aug 2016
John Gaventa and Alison Mathie of the Coady International Institute explore links between economic and political action and addressing inequality.

Photo: C. Schubert (Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security)

International Youth Day: A role for ‘youth’ for a sustainable world?

By Justin Flynn
12 Aug 2016
The theme of International Youth Day suggests that solutions to poverty and sustainability will come in paying more attention to youth. Justin Flynn asks if this is the right focus and what role should youth have in achieving sustainability?

Created by Sarah King

Olympic rings and inequality

By Roger Williamson
10 Aug 2016
IDS's Roger Williamson reflects on the Olympics to compare the inequality in Brazil and South Africa, suggesting that the poor in each country cannot be kept happy with promises, bread and circuses for ever.

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Using practical triggering tools to promote handwashing in Madagascar

10 Aug 2016
Studies show that handwashing with soap can reduce the risk of contracting diarrhoea by up to 47%. However, water must be bought by the bucket in a small town in the South East of Madagascar therefore handwashing is not always seen as a primary concern.

Injection used for chemical castration. Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depot_medroxyprogesterone_acetate

Why (chemical) castration will not end gender and sexuality based violence in Indonesia

By Priliantina Bebasari
09 Aug 2016
While the international media were busy highlighting the Stanford rape and Brazil gang-rape cases, another gang-rape, followed by murder, of a 14 year-old girl named Yuyun happened in Indonesia.

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Recipe for a Green Economy

30 Jul 2016
Why aren't the media talking more about climate change and population growth? asked Nigel Chapman, BBC World Service and Trust ex-Director, speaking at the Green Economy Coalition Global meeting, on how to connect better with audiences about a Green Economy.

Photo of Pedro Prieto Martin, Research Officer, Digital and Technology research cluster

We need to reclaim the state, but… how?

By Pedro Prieto Martin
28 Jul 2016
Following the IDS Conference on States, Markets and Society, Pedro Prieto Martin reflects the discussions that took place around trying to untangle the role of Politics, Innovation and Cities for development.

Photo of Peter O'Flynn, Research Officer, Rural Futures research cluster

Identifying the world's most important impact investors

By Peter O'Flynn
28 Jul 2016
The Centre for Development share details of how and why they are researching the world's most important impact investors.

Joanna Wheeler is the Research Manager of Participation Power and Social Change Team

When accountability is life or death: reflections from the city street

By Joanna Wheeler
26 Jul 2016
A lack of accountability can seem unimportant in most people’s lives, but for those living on the margins it is a life or death issue. A Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation project in S. Africa is using storytelling to build better accountability and security.

Why we should stop talking about ‘desertification’

By Ian Scoones
25 Jul 2016
A great new book has just been published called 'The End of Desertification? Disputing Environmental Change in the Drylands', available at a shocking price from Springer.

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Faecal Sludge Management: a crucial aspect of WASH

22 Jul 2016
The WEDC Conference 2016 had an impressive line up of paper presentations, side sessions and capacity building workshops across the entire WASH value chain and proved to be an interesting and engaging experience.

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CLTS Sharing and Learning workshop in Kumasi, Ghana

22 Jul 2016
A fair representation of water sanitation and hygiene practitioners, researchers, local government representatives and donors convened for a CLTS workshop held by the CLTS knowledge hub of IDS in Kumasi Ghana on the 10th July 2016.

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Insights from the 39th WEDC conference

22 Jul 2016
I was excited to travel by road to Kumasi and while I was looking forward to site-seeing, I was more eager to start engaging in stimulating conversations with other participants at the 39th WEDC conference.

COLOMBIA Medellin, Antioquia
A soldier stands amongst the remains of a community of displaced families razed to the ground the previous night in a fire. Families displaced by the violence and conflict more often than not find themselves living in areas where they are exposed to landslides and their wooden homes to fires.
Credit: Paul Smith / Panos

A New Urban Agenda for creating safe and secure cities?

By Jaideep Gupte
22 Jul 2016
The New Urban Agenda is the outcome document that will be agreed upon at the Habitat III conference in Quito later this year. This blog explores how well the document is picking up on the key challenges of tackling urban violence.

Jacob Korir speak about Transform Nutrition Short Course

Using evidence to transform nutrition

By Ciara Gillespie
21 Jul 2016
Last week the IDS and IFPRI Short Course Transforming Nutrition: Ideas, Policy and Outcomes 2016 addressed the biggest nutrition challenges. We interviewed participants on the lessons that they will take back and put into practice.

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