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Photo of Pedro Prieto Martin, Research Officer, Digital and Technology research cluster

We need to reclaim the state, but… how?

By Pedro Prieto Martin
28 Jul 2016
Following the IDS Conference on States, Markets and Society, Pedro Prieto Martin reflects the discussions that took place around trying to untangle the role of Politics, Innovation and Cities for development.

Photo of Peter O'Flynn, Research Officer, Rural Futures research cluster

Identifying the world's most important impact investors

By Peter O'Flynn
28 Jul 2016
The Centre for Development share details of how and why they are researching the world's most important impact investors.

Why we should stop talking about ‘desertification’

By Ian Scoones
25 Jul 2016
A great new book has just been published called 'The End of Desertification? Disputing Environmental Change in the Drylands', available at a shocking price from Springer.

Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) logo

Faecal Sludge Management: a crucial aspect of WASH

22 Jul 2016
The WEDC Conference 2016 had an impressive line up of paper presentations, side sessions and capacity building workshops across the entire WASH value chain and proved to be an interesting and engaging experience.

Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) logo

Insights from the 39th WEDC conference

22 Jul 2016
I was excited to travel by road to Kumasi and while I was looking forward to site-seeing, I was more eager to start engaging in stimulating conversations with other participants at the 39th WEDC conference.

Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) logo

CLTS Sharing and Learning workshop in Kumasi, Ghana

22 Jul 2016
A fair representation of water sanitation and hygiene practitioners, researchers, local government representatives and donors convened for a CLTS workshop held by the CLTS knowledge hub of IDS in Kumasi Ghana on the 10th July 2016.

COLOMBIA Medellin, Antioquia
A soldier stands amongst the remains of a community of displaced families razed to the ground the previous night in a fire. Families displaced by the violence and conflict more often than not find themselves living in areas where they are exposed to landslides and their wooden homes to fires.
Credit: Paul Smith / Panos

A New Urban Agenda for creating safe and secure cities?

By Jaideep Gupte
22 Jul 2016
The New Urban Agenda is the outcome document that will be agreed upon at the Habitat III conference in Quito later this year. This blog explores how well the document is picking up on the key challenges of tackling urban violence.

Jacob Korir speak about Transform Nutrition Short Course

Using evidence to transform nutrition

By Ciara Gillespie
21 Jul 2016
Last week the IDS and IFPRI Short Course Transforming Nutrition: Ideas, Policy and Outcomes 2016 addressed the biggest nutrition challenges. We interviewed participants on the lessons that they will take back and put into practice.

Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability Centre logo

Landmarks: how to get up close and personal with nature

21 Jul 2016
Landmarks by Robert Macfarlane is a must-read for anyone interested in sustainability and language. Each chapter focuses on one or two authors who've made deep impressions on Macfarlane through their writing about the natural world.

Photo of Becky Faith, Research Officer, Digital and Technology research cluster

Citizen voice, agency and accountability in a post-Brexit era

By Becky Faith
20 Jul 2016
IDS's Becky Faith shares her observations on the Citizen, Voice and Accountability stream of discussions at the IDS 50th anniversary conference.

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Nourishing Millions

Stories of change in nutrition

By Samantha Reddin
30 Jun 2016
This week sees the launch of the book Nourishing Millions: Stories of Change in Nutrition which brings together stories of improving nutrition from the past five decades by Transform Nutrition. Sam Reddin, Research Uptake Manager tells us more.

Photo of Ian Scoones, Research Fellow in the Knowledge Technology and Society research team

Why Britain’s decision to leave the EU is bad news for Africa

By Ian Scoones
29 Jun 2016
The fallout from the UK referendum that ended in victory for those wanting the country to exit from the European Union (EU) is still reverberating around the world. But what does it mean for Africa? Ian Scoones explores this in The Conversation.

Photo of Dominic Glover

Innovation for food security and nutrition is political

By Dominic Glover
29 Jun 2016
Following the Tropical Agriculture Platform online discussion about innovation capacity for food security and nutrition, Dominic Glover, LANSA, highlights the political side to innovation.

Image for Learning from the Global South event

Time to learn from the South – and that includes Brighton!

By Richard Longhurst
28 Jun 2016
As the UK reels from the Brexit vote, Richard Longhurst reflects on a panel discussion sponsored by the Royal Society of Arts, Brighton University and IDS that to explore opportunities for learning across the globe.

IDS awarded 5 stars by Transparify

Transparency around funding sources just one step to ethical funding

By James Georgalakis
28 Jun 2016
Director of Communications and Impact James Georgalakis reflects on developing approach to fundraising ethics

Photo Credit: Flickr Abi Begum www.nwhomebuyers.co.uk/

What lies beneath Brexit vote?

By Shandana Mohmand
28 Jun 2016
Shandana Mohmand examines some of the possible reasons behind the UK vote to leave the EU

Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) logo

Can CLTS Work in Urban Areas?

27 Jun 2016
This was the question being considered at a recent IDS CLTS Knowledge Hub event held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, organised with Plan International Ethiopia.

Photo of Kelly Shephard, IDS Knowledge Services

Using open knowledge approaches to improve development outcomes

By Kelly Shephard
27 Jun 2016
IDS's Kelly Shephard reflects on a major IDS-led knowledge sharing programme that has shed light on barriers to organisations' engagement with Open Knowledge approaches.

Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability Centre logo

Brexit and development

27 Jun 2016
As Britain faces the prospect of leaving the European Union, here's a couple of blog posts on what the referendum result might mean for the UK's role in international development.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

What will Brexit mean for Africa?

By Ian Scoones
27 Jun 2016
June 23rd saw the UK vote for Brexit. A populist rebellion was provoked by an internal dispute in the Tory party, and chaos has been unleashed. We don't know the full consequences yet, but it's not going to be good.

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