crowded Kenya election rally 2017

Kenya Election Violence and the Police Response

By Brian Kimari
22 Aug 2017
The recent elections in Kenya raised tensions both nationally and internationally. How did local police and politicians respond?

Kenya polling queues 2013. Credit: USAID on Flickr

Using social media for monitoring violence in Kenya’s elections

By Caitriona Dowd
18 Aug 2017
On the 8 August, Kenyans once again went to the polls. Amidst fears of election violence, voting took place throughout the country. Caitriona Dowd asks if there a role that social media and digital technology could play in monitoring insecurity?

Painting of climate change by Mr. Fadel Ikram, Indonesia - One of the winners of the ASEAN and SAARC drawing competition for 2011.

World Humanitarian Day: Are we really ready for climate change?

By Siri Eriksen
18 Aug 2017
On World Humanitarian Day, we are reminded that there are people living at the precipice of crisis in need of urgent support. Siri Eriksen calls for humanitarian and climate adaptation sectors to link up to prepare for future crises.

Jayne Lambrou - NMBU

Humanitarian Policy and Practice in a Changing Climate

By Jayne Lambrou
11 Aug 2017
Jayne Lambrou, NMBU, writes and presents a variety of interviews with contributors to IDS' latest bulletin on Courting catastrophe? Humanitarian Policy and Practice in a Changing Climate

Photo of Jo Howard, Research Fellow in the IDS Participation cluster

Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals from the community level

By Jo Howard, Tom Thomas
07 Aug 2017
The 2017 HLPF theme is "Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world". We were pleased to attend since finding inclusive ways of making governments accountable for the SDGs is central to our work on building sustainable inclusion.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

The 20 top Zimbabweland blogs of 2017, so far!

By Ian Scoones
07 Aug 2017
Ian Scoones reflects on the top 20 blog posts from this year in Zimbabweland

Much Ado About Impact?

By James Georgalakis
04 Aug 2017
How does research and knowledge impact on attitudes, behaviours, policy and practice? Whether you are a researcher, development studies student, NGO campaigner, policy wonk or research donor, here are some links that I’d recommend on this subject.

Jonathan Fox Director Accountability Research Center.

History and language: keywords for health and accountability

By Jonathan Fox
04 Aug 2017
Jonathan Fox argues that we need to be aware of how accountability terms can and have been politically constructed, and encourages us to search for terms that do a better job of communicating the key steps on the path to accountability-building.

Photo of Pauline Oosterhoff, Research Fellow, Participation Power and Social Change

Tackling health loans and modern slavery as a community in Bihar, India

By Pauline Oosterhoff
01 Aug 2017
How a participatory action research project in Bihar is supporting villagers to change their health behaviours and in doing so reduce risks of entering into bonded labour.
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This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Land and agriculture in Zimbabwe following land reform

By Ian Scoones
31 Jul 2017
In May, I was invited to give a talk on Zimbabwe's land reform and its aftermath by a great new student initiative at SOAS (School of African and Asia Studies) focused on agriculture and development in Africa. The event was … Continue reading →

Accountability for Health Equity - workshop participants. Credit: S. King - IDS

Transforming accountabilities for health

By Karine Gatellier, Tom Barker
26 Jul 2017
Last week, between 80-90 researchers, practitioners, advocates and policymakers gathered for a three-day workshop organised by the IDS Accountability for Health Equity programme. Tom Barker and Karine Gatellier share their reflections from the event.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Land, livelihoods and small towns

By Ian Scoones
24 Jul 2017
In early June, I was invited by the Africa Research Institute in London to a panel discussion held to launch a new ARI Counterpoints piece by Beacon Mbiba on 'missing urbanisation' in Zimbabwe.

Photo of Mar Maestre Morales, Globalisation

Approaching Markets in Rapidly Growing Cities

By Maria del Mar Maestre Morales, Gordon McGranahan, Eric Kasper
20 Jul 2017
Markets are not especially rural, but market systems approaches have tended to be. Is there something about cities that makes a market systems approach less suitable?

Women queueing to vote in Pakistan. Credit - tbc

Women’s votes matter: unpacking gender politics in Pakistan

By Ali Cheema, Asad Liaqat, Shandana Mohmand
20 Jul 2017
The gender gap in electoral participation and in party engagement with voters as well as the lack of autonomy exercised by women when they do vote are some of the tough challenges facing emerging democracies, such as Pakistan.

Denise Namburete

Towards accountability for health equity

By Denise Namburete, Vera Coelho, Alex Shankland, Gerry Bloom
18 Jul 2017
The Sustainable Development Goals set out an ambitious agenda to achieve universal health coverage – and the WHO has made it a priority for Africa - but how will this goal be reached when we have seen the continued failure to reach those who need it most?

A new land administration system for Zimbabwe

By Ian Scoones
17 Jul 2017
The Zimbabwe Land Commission, established as a result of the new national Constitution, has a major task ahead of it. It is vital that an independent Commission looks at the range of land issues argues Ian Scoones in his latest blog post.

Photo of Ian Scoones, Research Fellow

3Ps for global disease challenges: how to build fruitful conversations

By Ian Scoones
13 Jul 2017
How can the One Health approach be understood? Linking human, animal and ecosystem health, with a focus on poverty and livelihoods, is easy to proclaim. It is much less easy to do. Ian Scoones explores this question in the BioMed Centre Blog.

The complexities of Chinese and Indian success

By Samuel Sharp
12 Jul 2017
IDS student Sam Sharp summarises lecture by Professor Jayati Ghosh on the complexities of the success of China and India.

Photo of Jim Sumberg, Research Fellow with the Knowledge Technology and Society Team

Agricultural commercialisation – where it’s hot and where it’s not

By Jim Sumberg
12 Jul 2017
Greater agricultural commercialisation, through engagement with value chains, is seen by many as the only viable way forward for small-scale farmers in Africa. But how is commercialisation supposed to change rural young people’s opportunities?

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