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Pedro Prieto Martin - Research Officer

Digital and Technology
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Pedro Prieto Martín is a Senior Research Officer at the Institute of DevelopmentStudies. His work focuses on the areas of Adaptive Management and Learning for Development, Frontier Technologies, ICT for Empowerment and Accountability, and Human-Centred Design.

Pedro's academic background includes degrees in Computer Science, Business Administration and Sociology. Pedro worked for six years for Hewlett-Packard in Germany, as Technical Lead ofa B2B platforms development team. Afterwards he researched for a year on Participatory Budgeting and ICT for social change in Brazil, and for four years in Guatemala, working on Municipal Participation and Transparency. In Spain he supported and researched, at the local level, the social mobilisation processes that resulted from the "indignados" movement.

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Making All Voices Count: A Grand Challenge for Development (MAVC) is a four-year $45 million fund to support innovation, scaling-up, and research that will deepen existing innovations and help harness new technologies to enable citizen engagement and government responsiveness.

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This six month collaboration between the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's InnovationXchange (iXc) and the Digital and Technology cluster will strengthen DFAT’s capability to appropriately use technology to more effectively deliver aid outcomes, building on its existing expertise and experience.

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The Contribution of Digital Technologies to Service Delivery: An Evidence Review

IDS Evidence Report 221 (2017)

The explosion in digital connectivity, globalisation and the rapid growth in digital technologies over the last two decades has revolutionised the way that businesses perform and compete globally. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Doing Digital Development Differently: lessons in adaptive management from technology for governance initiatives in Kenya

Development projects don’t always work as planned. This has long been acknowledged by those in the sector, and has led to several approaches that seek to solve complex development problems through enabling and encouraging greater adaptiveness and learning within projects (e.g. Doing Development Differently and Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation). More details

This is the front cover to IDS Bulletin 472A, 'States, Markets and Society –
New Relationships for a New Development Era'.

States, Markets and Society – New Relationships for a New Development Era

IDS Bulletin 47.2A (2016)

‘How does change happen?’ and ‘How should change happen and how can it be enabled?’ are key questions analysed in this IDS Bulletin, drawing on the Institute of Development Studies’ reflections on States, Markets and Society as a theme of its 50th Anniversary year. More details

Front cover for 'Ten Frontier Technologies for International Development'

Ten Frontier Technologies for International Development

As new technologies and digital business models reshape economies and disrupt incumbencies, interest has surged in the potential of novel frontier technologies to also contribute to positive changes in international development and humanitarian contexts. More details


The Impact of Digital Technology on Economic Growth and Productivity, and its Implications for Employment and Equality: An Evidence Review

IDS Evidence Report 207 (2016)

As digital technology has begun to ‘eat the world’ it has also influenced the way that humans interact and transact with each other. Thus, it has inevitably had an effect on global, regional, national and local economies. More details

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Digital technologies and ICTs.