Seasonality, Rural Livelihoods and Development

Devereux, S., Sabates-Wheeler, R. and Longhurst, R. (editors)
Editor Devereux, S., Sabates-Wheeler, R. and Longhurst, R.
Publisher Earthscan
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This book is a systematic study of seasonality for over 20 years, and it aims to revive academic interest and policy awareness of this crucial but neglected issue. Thematic chapters explore recent shifts with profound implications for seasonality, including climate change, HIV/AIDS, and social protection.

Case study chapters explore seasonal dimensions of livelihoods in Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi), Asia (Bangladesh, China, India), and Latin America (Peru). Others assess policy responses to adverse seasonality, for example through irrigation, migration and seasonally-sensitive education. The book also includes innovative tools for monitoring seasonality, which should enable more appropriate responses.

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