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Digital Dialogue – Matters of accountability: Regulatory frameworks for driving safe digital healthcare adoption in India

19 January 2022 9:30–10:30

Digital solutions are strengthening delivery of healthcare with improved diagnostic capabilities and patient outcomes, and making healthcare more affordable and accessible. For digital health solutions to flourish, trust is imperative.

This will come from having robust laws and a reliable grievance redressal mechanism. It will come from laws that bring out rights and liabilities of all stakeholders concerned; prescribe minimum standards of testing, provide for risk assessment and mitigation to account for the use of technology in healthcare; provide proper instructions to doctors and patients; and provide an ecosystem for data protection and privacy. However, the current regulatory framework governing digital health is scattered and dated.

This session brings together medical practitioners, policymakers and health innovators to explore what an ideal legal and regulatory framework should look like that brings out the rights and liabilities of all stakeholders concerned for the use of technology across all healthcare sectors.

This event is part of the Digital Dialogue Series on Mixed Health Systems.


Dr. K. Madan Gopal, Senior Consultant (Health) National Institute of Transforming India (NITI Aayog)

Dr. Uma Nambiar, Executive Director, Gimcare Hospital & Chairperson, DHIA (DH India Association)

Mr. Sundararajan Srinivasan, Co-founder & Chairman and MD Ubiqare Health


Sreenidhi Sreenivasan, Principal Associate, Ikigai Law.

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This event is organised by the Public Health Foundation of India; The Institute of Development Studies (IDS); Sustainable Health Innovations and Ikigali Law.

The series is facilitated by Transform Health.

It is part of the Mutual Learning Series on Digital Health Ecosystems.

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Senior Health & Nutrition Convenor

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