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Rising Powers in International Development Roundtable: A review of the research

10 April 2014 12:30–14:00

Institute of Development Studies,
University of Sussex, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 9RE

Development aid discourse and discussions over the future course of international development cannot ignore the growing significance of the rising powers, including China and the BRICS, as well as other emerging economies in the developing world.

As well as becoming increasingly active in development cooperation and development financing, such as the recent establishment of a BRICS development bank, these rising powers present an alternative model of South-South cooperation for developing states and potentially a normative challenge to the traditional paradigm of international aid.

In this seminar, speakers the Rising Powers in International Development programme will present some of our key research findings from the programme in this area, including the recent BRICS country studies, BRICS and development finance, and our achievements with networks and partnerships. This will be an opportunity for fellows from the Rising Powers team to introduce their research and open discussion with fellow members of IDS, as well as an excellent opportunity for IDS researchers to learn more about the RPID programme, its projects and networks.

About the Speakers

  • Jing Gu is the Convenor of the IDS Rising Powers in International Development Programme, and leads the programme’s work on China and Emerging Powers in African Economic Development.
  • Alex Shankland is a social scientist with extensive research experience on the role of Brazil and other emerging powers in international development.
  • Jennifer Constantine is a research consultant working on policy engagement, network and partnership development for the Rising Powers programme.
  • Gerry Bloom is a physician and health economist. He is the convenor of the Senior International Associates programme at IDS, and the Mutual Learning strand within the RPID programme.
  • Jeremy Allouche is a research fellow and expert in water supply, sanitation and governance. He is leading a number of projects examining the relationship between development and security.
  • Stephen Spratt is a research fellow and expert in development finance and investment. His recent projects investigate the role of businesses in development, as well as the emergence of the BRICS New Development Bank.

Key contacts

Yunnan Chen

Research Officer


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