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Anne Marie Goetz

Emeritus Fellow



State Responsiveness to Poverty

This study examined pro-poor development initiatives in two Indian states that had, in the 1990s, been considered to have been responsive to poverty: Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Each state had a chief executive who, supported by a core group of political leaders and civil servants,...


Grassroots Anti-Corruption Initiatives in India

How can poor people fight corruption? Contemporary ‘good governance’ policies of development agencies stress the relationship between an open official information regime – particularly transparency in official development expenditure accounts – and government accountability.


Anne Marie Goetz’s recent work


Gender and Sexuality

IDS is well known for its progressive gender research, knowledge sharing and teaching, and for the central role it has played in the conceptual shift from a 'women in development' to a 'gender and development' focus, as well as for critically bringing sexuality and masculinities into gender...



The Governance research cluster identifies the following sub-themes of research to ensure citizens are represented and governed fairly in a world of changing state authorities. Taxation Understanding how taxation affects the quality of governance has implications for social justice,...