Eva-Maria Egger

Research Fellow at UNU-WIDER

Eva-Maria Egger is an applied economist holding a PhD from the University of Sussex, UK. She is a WIDER Research Fellow based in Mozambique where she also works as technical advisor for poverty assessment to the Ministry of Economics and Finance.



Journal Article

Africa’s Lockdown Dilemma: High Poverty and Low Trust

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, sub-Saharan African countries faced the dilemma of how to minimise viral transmission without adversely affecting the poor. This study proposes an index of lockdown readiness, taking into account housing conditions and income security, and analyses how this...

27 January 2023

Working Paper

Africa’s Lockdown Dilemma: High Poverty and Low Trust

WIDER Working Paper; 2020/76

The primary policy response to suppress the spread of COVID-19 in high-income countries has been to lock down large sections of the population. However, there is growing unease that blindly replicating these policies might inflict irreparable damage to poor households and foment social unrest in...

1 January 2020