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Mike Morris

Honorary Associate

Mike Morris is Professor in the School of Economics and Director of PRISM (Policy Research in International Services and Manufacturing) at the University of Cape Town.

He has a PhD from the Institute of Development Studies (Sussex University). Mike Morris has significant experience working with national, regional and international policy makers. He has published widely in the fields of development, political economy, international competitiveness, industrial restructuring and industrial policy, global value chains, apparel and automotive industries, and social differentiation. In 2012 he co-authored a book with Raphael Kaplinsky and David Kaplan – ‘One Thing Leads to Another’: Promoting Industrialization by Making the Most of the Commodity Boom in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Working Paper

The Impact of China on Sub-Saharan Africa

IDS working papers;291

This paper focuses on the rapidly-growing links between China and SSA. The spotlight is placed on three vectors of interaction - trade, foreign investment and aid. Chinese involvement in Africa is driven predominantly by the quest for material inputs (oil and other primary commodities) required...

1 January 2007

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