Tahira Shariff

Tahira Shariff

PhD Student

Tahira Shariff is from Northern Kenya. She is an anthropologist and holds a Master’s Degree in International Studies from the University of Nairobi. Her MA project was on human smuggling across the Kenya-Ethiopia Border.

Tahira is very interested and enthusiastic about research-based work, driven by a personal interest in working with communities, coupled with her academic foundations in anthropology.

As a pastoralist woman, Tahira has noted the lack of minority representation in academia and this deficit has motivated her to seek a doctoral degree under the PASTRES Project, both to increase her own knowledge and experience, but also to provide her with skills and experience to mentor and engage the next generation of female Kenyan scholars.

Recently, Tahira has worked with the Effective State and Inclusive Development (ESID) Research Centre at the University of Manchester on a project examining governance and the politics of implementing social protection in Kenya through the case for Marsabit County in Northern Kenya. For her PhD, Tahira aims to examine how pastoralist communities evolve community safety nets and coping strategies in response to external shocks, and how such strategies are rooted in cultural institutions.



PASTRES: Pastoralism, Uncertainty and Resilience

PASTRES (Pastoralism, Uncertainty and Resilience: Global Lessons from the Margins) is a research project which aims to learn from the ways that pastoralists respond to uncertainty, applying such 'lessons from the margins' to global challenges.



Journal Article

COVID-19 and Pastoralism: Reflections from Three Continents

The Journal Peasant Studies;

Focusing on pastoralism, this article reflects on five diverse cases across Africa, Asia and Europe and asks: how have COVID-19 disease control measures affected mobility and production practices, marketing opportunities, land control, labour relations, local community support and...

Giulia Simula
Giulia Simula & 5 others

10 November 2020


Fifty Years of Research on Pastoralism and Development

IDS Bulletin 51.1A

This archive IDS Bulletin reflects on 50 years of research on pastoralism at IDS. Much has changed, but there are also important continuities. The ‘end of pastoralism’ was proclaimed widely in the 1970s, yet, as a successful, resilient livelihood adapted to some of the harshest...

Ian Scoones
Ian Scoones & 9 others

27 May 2020

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