Lessons from Social Protection Programme Implementation

Research from the Centre for Social Protection and UNICEF shows how successful social protection programmes are built

Good practice and innovation must be captured and must inform policy in order to contribute to poverty and vulnerability reduction. With funding from Irish Aid, the Centre for Social Protection at IDS formed a partnership with UNICEF to research how ‘good’ practice in social protection programming can be transformed into common practice to help interrupt the intergenerational transfer of poverty (IGT) through investments in human capital (education, health, nutrition).

Research aimed to understand which factors in social protection programming (e.g. design, implementation) account for success.

The research had two main objectives:

  1. To enhance lesson learning in a multi-sited organisation (UNICEF) around good practice in social protection programming
  2. To increase understanding of ways in which research and communication can be used to capture and improve good practice within a multilateral organisation.

Three case studies were chosen, each at a different stage of implementation:

  1. Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC) in Kenya
  2. Social Cash Transfer (SCT) in Zambia
  3. Child Money Programme (CMP) in Mongolia.
IDS Video Brief – Good Practice in Social Protection: Mapping Innovation for Practice and Policy

Related Content

  • In Country Case Study Reports for all 3 countries are available on request
  • Both the In-Focus Policy Brief and the Video Briefing have also been produced in French and are available on request


Charlotte Harland – Chief of Social Policy & Economic Analysis, Zambia

Prof. Jaqueline Oduol – Secretary for Children’s Affairs, Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Development (MGCSD), Kenya

Jane Rono – District Children’s Officer (Kisumu East), Department of Children’s Services, Kenya

Stephen Gitau – District Children’s Officer (Kwale), Department of Children’s Services, Kenya

Ahmed Hussein – Director of Children’s Services – Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development, Republic of Kenya

Stanfield Michelo – Chief Social Welfare Officer – Ministry of Community Development and Social Services

Mutale Wakunuma – Coordinator-Civil Society Platform for Social Protection Zambia 

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start date
1 December 2008
end date
31 July 2011


In partnership with
United Nations Children's Fund
Supported by
Irish Aid

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