Linking African Researchers with Adaptation Policy Spaces

This project aims to increase the ability of CCAA programme partners in East Africa to understand climate change adaptation policy processes at local and national scales.

The project will conduct policy focused case studies, create accessible tools, methods and conceptual approaches, and establish policy engagement strategies and mentoring relationships between PAR researchers and academic partners. In doing so, the project will draw extensively upon the existing understanding and experience of PAR researchers in policy engagement in both formal and informal policy spaces.

The work will focus on PAR projects in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi. Country research teams will work with PAR researchers, focusing on policy processes in the agriculture sector. Along with policy processes and adaptation expertise from IDS they will develop tools and provide mentoring to PAR teams to enhance policy engagement. The set of outputs envisaged include needs assessments, project summaries, a conceptual framework document, published country case studies, PAR policy engagement plans, and a final report and outcome mapping logbook.

Key contacts

Lars Otto Naess

Resource Politics and Environmental Change Cluster Lead


+44 (0)1273 915849

Project details

start date
22 February 2009
end date
22 July 2010


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