Support study for the establishment of the Global Climate Change Alliance

The GCCA could be central to a global effort by the EU on technology and finance to get a post 2012 deal if its resource levels are increased significantly. This would depend on developing a co-ordinated EU approach aligned with the EU Code of Conduct, but feasible as EU Member States are the main funders on adaptation globally. Effectively the GCCA could be an EU brand for a range of different types of initiatives. The GCCA should work to short, medium and long term timeframes with an aim to pilot new processes and ways of achieving action on the ground. It could progress a streamlining agenda so that development and climate agendas are more successfully combined. Three types of integration project can be developed: at national level; programmatic level; and across scales- to local and community level. Immediate, medium and long term actions are needed.


• supporting the use of tools for adaptation planning and the provision of meteorological information; • developing institutional capacity and reporting systems for countries on forestry so they can engage in new REDD mechanisms;• envisioning sustainable energy pathways for LDCs and SIDS; showcasing of CDM project types of particular relevance to LDCs and SIDS; • provision of climate change information for National DRR platforms and implementation of the Hyogo Framework in LDCs and SIDS; and • accelerating the screening of EC funded development projects and programmes for climate change using risk screening tools and SEA.

Project details

start date
1 October 2007
end date
30 May 2008


Supported by
European Commission