The Impact of Economic and Financial Crisis on Budgeting for Children

The African Child Policy Forum is currently working towards ‘The African Report on Child Wellbeing 2010: Budgeting for Children’.

IDS Fellow Andy Sumner has been commissioned to write a paper for the report, entitled ‘The Impact of the  Economic and Financial crises on Budgeting for Children’.

The paper will cover the following issues:

  • The linkage between the crises (financial or otherwise) and child wellbeing
  • The impact of the crises in general on economic growth, household poverty and child wellbeing, including vulnerable groups of children
  • The impact of crises in general on domestic and external sources of national budgets, as well as on budgetary allocations for sectors focusing on children
  • Policy and related measures governments need to take when faced with crises that have a bearing on child wellbeing including the current economic and financial crises.

Project details

start date
21 December 2009
end date
21 December 2012