The Impacts of Alternative Energy Policies and Energy Price Shocks on Food and Water Security

There is limited information about the impacts of energy developments on global food security. However, the interactions between energy and food production are becoming more important as more developing countries have started to increase energy intensity in agriculture and as energy and food prices are increasingly correlated.

This project will shed light on these topics across the developing world through addressing the following research questions:

  • What is the impact of energy price shocks (large iincrease or decrease) on water and food security?
  • How does climate policy affect energy sector composition and how does this in turn affect water and food?

This activity will link the IDS global computable general equilibrium model with the world agriculture model IMPACT housed at IFPRI to assess the impacts of alternative energy policies and energy price shocks on food and water security.

Project details

start date
1 April 2015
end date
30 November 2015



Image of Dirk Willenbockel

Dirk Willenbockel

Research Fellow