Towards a Relational Approach to Agency for Mapping Pathways Into and Out of Poverty

In the 21st century, global poverty is compounded as climate-related events, political-religious conflicts and growth-inequality nexuses add to persistent forms of social exclusion based on gender, race, and class.

In this uncertain and unpredictable context, the world requires new ways to understand complex pathways into and out of poverty that direct attention to poor people’s collective capacity to bring about transformative change.

A new project, involving Dr Saurabh Arora and Professor Andy Stirling, aims to develop the concepts and methods of an innovative ‘relational agency pathways approach’. The new approach will draw on theories from Science, Technology and Society studies and the STEPS Centre‘s ‘pathways approach’ to poverty reduction and social justice, which emphasise interactions between social, technological and environmental change, in order to better understand and map poverty alleviation trajectories.

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Project details

start date
1 October 2016
end date
31 March 2019