Youth and Resilience

IDRC has funded a cohort of projects that looks at resilience and youth in Africa. The project in Zimbabwe is conducted by the Research & Advocacy Unit (RAU, Harare) in Collaboration with IDS (Dr. Marjoke Oosterom). The study will look at how family and peer networks, alongside community institutions, influence political ideas among youth and the extent to which urban youth are resilient to the risks of becoming involved in partisan violence. The project is conducted in three different cities.  Given the changes in Zimbabwe’s political context since 2017 the project will partly focus on young people’s expectations from the new government. The project will last from 2017 until December 2019.

Key contacts

Marjoke Oosterom

Power and Popular Politics Cluster Lead


Project details

start date
1 January 2017
end date
31 December 2019

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