Gauging Demand for Evidence and Accountability in Impact Investing by using Twitter Social Network Analysis: A Methodology

O'Flynn, P. and Barnett, C.
IDS Evidence Report 213
Publisher IDS
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This report explains the methodology used to analyse the demand for evidence and accountability within the impact investment market.

Social network analysis (SNA), qualitative interviews and ego network analysis were used to explore actors within this market (or system), drawing on data from Twitter to consider connections, influence and conversations about social impact. To date, all data collection for the Twitter SNA has been completed from 10 May 2016 to 18 July 2016, and a Policy Briefing has been produced from the initial findings (O’Flynn and Barnett 2016). Qualitative interviews and ego network analysis as part of the second half of the research are ongoing. A longer report regarding the main analysis and findings is also planned.

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