K4D Helpdesk Report 064

Conflict and Gender Dynamics in Yemen

Published on 30 March 2017

The current conflict in Yemen, which began in 2015, has resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe. As of March 2017, 18.8 million people are in need of humanitarian support, and 10.3 million are in acute need. Women, men, boys and girls have been affected in different ways by the conflict. This rapid review looks at the impact of the conflict on gender dynamics in Yemen.

Most assessments conducted on the situation in Yemen since March 2015 have been ‘gender blind’. However, a very small number of research studies and surveys have been carried out by a variety of UN organisations and non-government organisations (NGOs) working on the current response in Yemen, which have focused either on gender more broadly, or specifically on women and girls. Much of the evidence focuses on the impact of conflict on women and girls. Academic literature addressing gender in the current conflict appears extremely scarce.

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Brigitte Rohwerder

Research Officer

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