Discourses of Power: The Development of Small Scale Hydropower in North East Scotland

Published on 3 October 2011

This paper reviews the range of discourses associated with the emergent policies and practices associated with the development of micro hydropower in North East Scotland.

It reviews the historic context in which water power was instrumental in providing power for a wide range of agricultural and wider rural processing activities, then explores the consequences of nationalised electric power production which led to the demise of small-scale hydropower from the 1950s and explains the resurgent interest in small-scale hydropower production.

It argues that potential practitioners are confronted by a range of competing discourses and that the future development of small-scale hydropower will be mediated by the relative strength of the different discourses.


Stephen Whitfield

DPhil Student

Publication details

Slee, B., Schumacher, R. and Whitfield, S.
Rural Society, volume 21, issue 1