K4D Helpdesk Report

Donor Response to Refugee Tensions in Lebanon

Published on 16 February 2018

This rapid review synthesises data from academic, policy and NGO sources on donor response to prevent and reduce tensions between Lebanese and refugees in refugee-hosting communities across Lebanon. The focus is on post 2011 and Syrian refugees as the complexity of social, cultural, and historical dynamics produce tensions that are unique to Syrians and Lebanese. The history of occupation and exploitation of Lebanon by Syria has created animosity in large sections of the population, whilst close trade, religious and family connections have created strong ties with other sections of the Lebanese population, leading to a complex situation of intra and intercommunity tension. There is limited evaluation of the success and failure of individual programmes to alleviate community tensions in the literature, with organisations involved publishing little critical reflection and scholars focusing on the issue more broadly.

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O’Driscoll, D. (2018). Donor Response to Refugee Tensions in Lebanon. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.

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