Effectiveness of Agricultural Interventions that Aim to Improve Nutritional Status of Children: Systematic Review

Published on 17 January 2012

This review aims to assess the effectiveness of agricultural interventions in improving the nutritional status of children in developing countries. It included 23 studies, mostly evaluating home garden interventions.

The studies reviewed did not report participation rates or the characteristics of participants in programmes. The interventions had a positive effect on the production of the agricultural goods promoted, but not on households’ total income. The interventions were successful in promoting the consumption of food rich in protein and micronutrients, but the effect on the overall diet of poor people remains unclear. No evidence was found of an effect on the absorption of iron, but some evidence exists of a positive effect on absorption of vitamin A. Very little evidence was found of a positive effect on the prevalence of stunting, wasting, and underweight among children aged under 5.

Publication details

Masset, E., Haddad, L., Cornelius, A. and Isaza-Castro, L.
British Medical Journal, issue 344:d8222


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