Gender and Governance: A Bibliography

Published on 1 January 2001

This bibliography has been compiled for the Gender Unit of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) to aid in the development of a conceptual framework that reflects the Gender Unit?s recent shift to the Governance Department at SDC. The bibliography includes recent (since 1995) and key materials on a broad range of issues relating to gender and governance. Due to the quantity of material available the bibliography features selected texts from the areas covered.

Section one of the bibliography lists general texts on the State and good governance. This is followed by references for donor policy documents. The rest of the bibliography is organised to reflect the central tenets of good governance: effective public management; government accountability; and rights, policy and the rule of law. Owing to a paucity of materials, a fourth aspect of good governance, transparency through freedom of information, free media and association, is covered in other sections and does not feature separately.

1) Effective public management refers to how different types of political regimes and institutions shape gender roles and identities, as well as how to make institutions more gender sensitive. Financial and public sector reform and gender budgets are also considered aspects of effective public management. 2) Government accountability includes civil society activism, women?s representation in politics at the national and local level and the effect of decentralisation processes on gender issues. 3) Rights policy and the rule of the law covers the construction of gender roles and identities under state, international and customary laws and policies. Women?s access to justice is a further important facet of this area. THE COVER PRICE IS FOR POST/PACKING ONLY.

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