K4D Helpdesk Report

Human Capital in Iraq

Published on 18 May 2018

This rapid review has found that human capital is developing in Iraq after years of stagnation due to the 2003 war, where the health and education sectors were hit particularly strongly (OCHA, 2018:5). About 50% of Iraq’s population is under 19 years old, and youth unemployment is very high at 34.6% (World Bank, 2017). There is a strong need to invest in young people, to release their economic value at the individual, employer, and community levels. A number of plans and strategies to help build collective skills, knowledge, or other intangible assets of individuals are noted in this review. As there are regional differences in human capital development between areas in Iraq, the evidence is divided into regions or governorates, where appropriate.

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Tull, K. (2018) Human Capital in Iraq, K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies

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