Ideas from IDS: Graduate Papers from 2017/18

Published on 25 January 2019

This is the second edition of Ideas from IDS, our publication featuring top-class student papers from the 2017/18 academic year. Ideas form a fundamental component of development studies, and there are a great number of them in this collection of papers.

Our students have done themselves and IDS proud, impressing our external examiners with their performance and with the stimulating content of their assignments and dissertations. The ideas presented here are important enough to deserve communication amongst wider student, researcher, and policy communities, hence this publication. In this issue, we celebrate and share the critical thinking, innovation, and excellence demonstrated by our students. What stands out, is not the collective endeavour within these papers, excellent though it is. Rather, it is the ways in which our students are asking fundamental questions about who is responsible for development, about the sites of development, and about how development might be re-envisaged to better achieve its goals.

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IDS (ed.) (2019) Ideas from IDS: Graduate Papers from 2017/18, Brighton: IDS


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