Key Considerations: Achieving COVID-19 Vaccine and Health Equity in Ealing and North West London

Published on 30 November 2021

This brief illustrates how COVID-19 vaccine (in)equity has played out on the ground and offers key considerations for how it can be improved in the North West London (NWL) borough of Ealing.

We conducted a review of literature and several informal consultations with local actors involved in COVID-19 vaccination efforts in statutory bodies (local authorities and the NHS) and the community in order to build a picture of and contextualise COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Ealing.

Key considerations and lessons for achieving greater vaccine and health equity are presented, followed by additional context of interest to responders within statutory authorities and the community. This brief was produced by SSHAP in collaboration with partners in Ealing Council. It was authored by Tabitha Hrynick and Santiago Ripoll and is the responsibility of SSHAP.

Please note: there is an accompanying infographic summarising the key points from the briefing.

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Hrynick, T. and Ripoll, S.(2021) 'Key Considerations: Achieving COVID-19 Vaccine equity in Ealing and North West London', Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform (SSHAP) DOI:10.19088/SSHAP.2021.041


Tabitha Hrynick

Research Officer

Santiago Ripoll

Research Fellow

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Institute of Development Studies


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